Issa Ghandour

Issa Ghandour

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Issa Ghandour's interest in music was inspired by his father, the late Hassan Ghandour, a well-known and proeminent Arabic-music composer and singer, whose friends included Mohammad Abdulwahab and Faiza Ahmad among others. By the middle teens, Issa's interest shifted to western music, although he continued to study violin and oud at the National Conservatory in Beirut.
Issa studied Arabic music history and theory with Dr. Salim Sahhab, a distinguished music professor and key figure in the Egyptian opera. He learned to appreciate Andalusian and classical Arabic music. This produced in Issa a desire to mix Eastern influences with Western ones from his teens.

During the time that Issa attended college at the BUC (now the Lebanese American University). He dabbled with theatre and music as well. With the confidence of someone in his early twenties, Issa recorded his first basic album, Shagar el Yasmine.

After marriage to his wife Rima, Issa teamed up with Walid Itayim, a jazz-rock composer and excellent electric-guitarist. Together they readapted a Western song composed by Walid and arranged by Hani Siblini, creating Issa's first hit, Oyoun El Soud.

He went to become part of Beirut's restaurant entertainment scene in the 90's, working at places like Le Top at the Sporting Club and Crystal Palace among others. His travels took him to Jordan, Egypt, Tunis, Dubai, Sweden and the US.

Issa recorded his next CD in Egypt called Is'alouh, which was a success in Lebanon and the Gulf. He then turned to TV, acting in television series with Hussein Fehmi, Ma'ali Zayed and Sawsan Bader among others. His best-known series was Omm El Aroussa.

Today, Issa is happily married with two children, Serene and Tarek. He lives with his family in Beirut.

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