Imad Helou

Imad Helou

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Imad Helou also known as Emad Helo or hiloo is a lebanese singer.

Imad started his career as a night entertainer who had his own unique dance moves while performing.

In the year 1988, Samir Kobti, imad manager, was the first to discover him. Samir helped Imad release his first and second albums.

Imad Helo debut album was entitled Hizzi Bekhasrek and contained seven great tracks, his second album was entitled Qalbi bhibik Mohtar, the album contained eight songs.

Imad went later on in a global tour: he performed in concerts in the U.S., Canada, and Australia…

During his best years Imad was described by the media as Ricky Martin of the Middle East.

Imad Helu third album was released in the 2003 by Music Master International, the album was entitled Enta Habibi.

The hit song was entitled Ana Rouhik which had a minor impact in the music scene.

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