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Maguy Farah Horoscope Predictions 2009

Maguy Farah Horoscope Predictions 2009

Salute to all those who love Maguy Farah 2009 horoscope book and awaiting this unique yearly publication to help them make the right choices for the new year.

As with last years book The title was hopes blossom which has raised eyebrows in a timely manner, at a time of war, in which bells were ringing and the stalemate in the atmosphere everywhere.

Years of violent crises and surprises, with magic solutions on the one hand, and limping to the negotiations of the hand, and warn of crisis and violence and landslides.

Aquarius has the highest privilege in 2009, many of whom know the great opportunities and chances for success:

- Pisces: The Year of the victory over the difficulties.
- Taurus: The Year of work and personal accomplishments.
- Gemini: The Year of the positive changes.
- Cancer: The Year of compensation and confrontations.
- Leo: The Year of the amazing contradictions.
-Virgo: The Year of the radical changes.
- Libra: The Year of the distinctive opportunities
- Scorpio: the year of the Intifada and renewal.
- Sagittarius: The Year of the great leaps.
- Capricorn: The Year of the successful projects and investments.
- Aquarius: The Year of the great fortunes.
- Pisces: The Year of the Renaissance and the new obligations.

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