Hanadi Salloum

Hanadi Salloum

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Hanadi Salloum also known as Hanady Saloum is a lebanese singer and television celebrity.

Hanadi Salloum career started as a television host on Murr Television - MTV back in the early 90s. She used to present the Horror movie every Tuesday night; she used to wear different costumes and weird make-up to cater for the Horror night theme.

After MTV closed down in the early 2000 she moved to work for future television, this time giving herself the title of a fashion guru.

Hanadi Salloum had an attempt in the mid 2000 to become a singer and she released few songs in a debut album along with few videoclips, but she did not succeed in becoming a star.

Currently she is a television host and a celebrity from the Lebanese society.

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