Hadi Younes

Hadi Younes

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Hadi Younes is a Lebanese singer who became famous in the late nineties for his song "Am Behlam Berfiaa Teeli" (I am Dreaming of a Girlfriend). He sang this famous song during his auditions in Studio El Fan.

That same year, Hadi released a video-clip for another song "Shoo Sarlek Tat Ghayarti" (What made you change?). In the clip, Hadi was the first singer to introduce a french kiss in some of the clip scenes. This was something new, and drew a lot of controversy, giving Hadi additional attention by the media at that time.

With his warm voice, and romantic lyrics, Hadi Younes became the Romantic Lebanese singer. At that time, on a Lebanese scale, Hani El Omari was an established Romantic singer, while Hani Shaker was the King of Romance known all over the Middle East for his songs since the late seventies and early eighties.

Unfortunately Hadi Younes disappeared from the music scene for more than two years, then made a first comeback in 2001. He came back with a new song entitled "Sho Albik" a song written by poet Maher Shoaib and composed by Yasser. He soon followed this song by a full album made of seven new songs.

Hadi again disappeared from the music scene for another five years, and made a second comeback in 2006.
After his long absence, he returned to the art scene and joined Rotana Production company.

With the help of Rotana, Hadi release two news songs: The first song was titled "Baaraf" (I Know) and was written by Nizar Francis, composed by Rawad Raad, and distributed by Walid Kabalan.

The second song entitled "Lawn Jdid" (New Color) was written by Tony Abi Karam, composed by Salim Salameh, and distributed by Nasser Al-Assaad.

Around the same time, Hadi Younis worked with famous Lebanese director Randa Aalam on making a nice video for his new song "Lawn Jdid". The clip was filmed over the course of a day in the areas of ​​Deir Al-Amar and in the city of Tripoli.

The idea of the clip revolved around two lovers who experienced problems in their car. After hiring an inexperienced mechanic to fix the car, the car breaks down to pieces and adds more drama to the situation.

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