Hadi Sharara

Hadi Sharara

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Composer

spouse: Carol Saker

Hadi Sharara also known as Hady Sharara is a famous Lebanese music arranger, composer and producer. Hadi Sharara full name is Hadi Riad Sharara. He is the son of the famous lebanese television anchor Riad Sharara also known as Riyad Sharara.

Hadi started his journey through an english lebanese music band which was called ZED. Zed included him and famous lebanese singer carol sakr who later became his wife.

Hadi is married to the amazing Lebanese singer Carol Sakr, they both are the parents of two lovely kids Jean-Michel Sharara and Aghia–Maria Sharara.

In the year 2006, Hadi Sharara won the Murex D’or award of excellence as the "Best Music Arranger" for the year 2006.

Hadi's unique identity in producing composing & arranging musical melodies is known for its special combination between the East & the West. This distinctiveness made his name be correlated with the new generation of Top Hits & famous Arab singers such as: Ragheb Alamah, Assi Al Hellani, Carol Saker, Najwa Karam, Wael Kfoury, Carole Samaha, Nancy Ajram & others…

Hadi Sharara owns a music recording studio named (Hadi Sharara Studio), it is equipped with highly technical music and recording equipment and music instruments.

Some of the famous songs which Hadi Sharara composed include

Wayn Blaeek sung by his wife Carol Sakr
Sharekna El Helm sung by Nawal El Zoghby for the Pepsi Cola Advertising during the WorldCup 2002 in Japan.
Maza Akoulou sung by Yuri Mrakadi
Dihk we Laeb w Gad w Houb sung Razan Moughrabi

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