Hadi Aswad

Hadi Aswad

Gender: Male

Nationality: Syria

Job Title: Singer

Hadi Aswad was born on the 24th of July 1985. Hadi Aswad had lots of emotions and feelings mixed with love for music and singing since childhood.

He drew a had a special attention to music from an early age and began singing since he was eight years old.

Hadi is a son of the Aswad family, his brother is the famous Shadi Aswad who is also a singer and who ranked high at Future Superstar.

Hadi grew up and spent most of his childhood in the city of Damascus, he moved to live in Lebanon after Superstar made him famous, he follow-up his love to music with studying art and music.

Hadi demonstrated for everyone at Superstar that he had a great love and support towards his friends, and for his personality he got a lot of encouragement and support from everyone including his colleagues and the judges.

Hadi Aswad favorite singers include Fadel Shaker, Saber Al Roubai, Wael Kfoury, Wael Gassar also loves listening to the legendary Fairouz.

Hadi voice is strong and warm, while singing he gives different feelings, which vary from love, joy, sadness and romance.

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