Georgina Rizk

Georgina Rizk

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Georgina Rizk, also known as Georgia Risk or Georjina Risk. She was the first and only Lebanese Beauty to become Miss Universe.

In 1971, Georgina Rizk was crowned as the Miss Universe pageant which took place in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Prior to coming to Florida to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant, Georgina Rizk was told by a local fortune teller in Lebanon that she would be travelling to a far away land and that she would become very successful and famous. Soon after Georgina Rizk ran to Florida and came back with the title of Miss Universe 1971.

Georgina Risk was the first woman from the Middle East and the fourth woman from Asia to win the title. In the pageant she made a memorable fashion statement by wearing a very revealing top and hotpants.

Georgina was first married to Ali Hassan Salameh, a Palestinian militant with Black September, who was assassinated in 1979 by the Mossad.

In the year 1972 Miss Universe pageant in Dorado, Puerto Rico, Georgina was not allowed to attend due to government restrictions because of fears of a terrorist attack. These fears were triggered when, two months prior to the pageant, bombings occurred outside the hotel in which Miss USA was then staying. Lebanon did also not send a delegate to the pageant that year.

Georgina Rizk is currently married to famous Lebanese singer Walid Toufic.

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