Elie Shweiry

Elie Shweiry

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Elie Shweiry also known as Eli Shouairi is a famous Lebanese composer and singer.

Elie Shweiry started his career in the 1960, His first worked with big names such as Wadih El Saffi, Sabbah and Majida El Roumi.

Later he worked with artists such as Lotfi Boushnak, Fouad Ghazi, Shady Jamil, Najwa Karam, Saber El Robai.
Elie Shweiry is also known for his national and patriotic songs such as Bektob Esmek Ya Bladi and Saff El Askar.

Elie Shweiry also worked on some patriotic songs for Syria such as Souri W Ardi Arabia, Yesod Masakom Ya Ahl Al Sham and more.

Lieh Ya Zaman. Samee Sawtik Ya Bladi and Rakset El Helwin are among his famous songs.

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