Elie Ayoub

Elie Ayoub

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Comedian

Elie Ayoub is a Lebanese comedian and presenter mostly known for his nickname Dahek El Leil.

Elie loved acting and theater since he was a child. He used to imitate politicians, and celebrity from the middle east.

Elie Ayoub joined Ivette sersouk and Wassim Tabbara as a comedian, while he was still studying at the technical school in Sanayeh, Beirut.

Later on, Elie traveled to America and got a degree in airplane engineering. He came back to Lebanon and worked in the Middle East Airways - MEA for few years. Even-though he was very good at his job, he decided to quit and work in Theater instead.

Elie Ayoub has worked mostly with super-star Ragheb Alameh. He accompanied him in most of his tours, and was the artist who entertained and made the audience laugh.

Elie Ayoub also worked with young artists such as Wael Kfoury and Shada Hassoun.

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