Darine Hadchiti

Darine Hadchiti

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Darine Hadchiti was born in 1981 to a family that is rooted in the world of art. Darine started singing, at the age of twelve.

Starting in 1997, Darine started studing music at the Lebanese National Conservatory. For almost five years she focused on vocalization, oriental singing, solfege, Oud, Byzantine music, and Syriac singing. Darine intends to proceed with higher studies in music to better perform in the future.

In the 2001-2002 Studio El Fann Darine won the bronze medal for her category. Darine soon started singing at Nahr El Funoun, Beirut Bilayl, Al Birkeh Restaurant and finaly she sang at Diwan El Mir at Chateau Raphael.

In 2004, she singed her first album contract with Lea Production, a subsidiary of Anastasia Group.

Darine produced two great albums and several videoclips.

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