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Julia and Lebanon Came Out Victorious

Julia and Lebanon Came Out Victorious

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As more and more people gathered on the premises, we could hear collective chants of praise calling upon Julia, the Resistance, Hezbollah, Hassan Nassrallah in particular and most of all “Al Dahieh”(Beirut suburbs), which has become after the last war on Lebanon a new symbol for resistance and a new source of national pride.

Various political flags, in addition to the Lebanese one, floated all over the place in symbiosis, showing once more this sign of unity.
The event started off with the national anthem followed by a musical piece played by the orchestra…

Suddenly, out of the smoke, together with uncontrollable cheers, appeared what seemed to be the epitome of resistance. The essence of all that is pride and dignity had taken the shape of a suave female figure dressed in a mystical red-wine velvety dress; a pioneer of a new kind of resistance, an artistic one, which transcends all barriers.

Finding its way through the crowd’s screams of excitement, Julia’s voice cleared the path for a promising evening with her song “Intasara Lubnan” (Lebanon came out victorious).Yes, we were victorious! Despite all obstacles and swindling interferences, we came out victorious and we could clearly feel it! The tingling feeling all over our bodies and in every single bone made us absolutely certain.

There was no place there for the defeated weak souls who easily surrender to desperation. Julia’s message was so loud and clear, it would have surely made quite a few green with envy and jealousy.The repertoire for the night was mostly composed of patriotic songs, each invigorating further our senses. The public was in a euphoric state, and
sang in trance with Julia.

A certain arm movement, directed upwards and crowned with a tight fist, became common after a while. Of course “Ahibaii” was the hit of the evening.

This general “committed” mood however did not lack a few stops for fresh air.

Before singing “ey min hebak” (yes we love you), Julia told the public to sing “we love you” to those they did not really like. She said she could easily come up with a few names. Everyone started laughing. The cynical aspect which was given to the song was so much appreciated that it was repeated again later on.

The frontline seats were mostly for VIPs; fanoos included of course :)

Many Prominent figures were present such as first lady Mrs. Andre Lahoud, Prime minister Selim el Hoss, Mrs Randa Berri nabih berri’s spouse, fashion designer Elie Saab, just to name a few. Other known personalities were also scattered here and there. We managed to spot Neshan from Akid Maestro in the subsequent seats!

It was definitely a memorable night! If you missed this one make sure u check the dates of her upcoming concerts

Also check our special photo gallery which covers in details the whole event. If you were there, you might recognize yourself in a few of them.

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