Amr Youssef

Amr Youssef

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Amr Youssef is an Egyptian actor and former model.

Amr Youssef (Amro Youssef) was born on 23 December 1980.

As a young man, he began his career as a male model in advertising and next to pop singers in music videos. He then worked as a TV reporter for Rotana Music Channel. Amr Youssef was then introduced to the public as an actor by producer Mohamad Fawzi next to Nour El Sherif in the TV series "el Dali ", which became a turning point for him on the way to stardom.

Amr Youssef took roles in many TV series including Ayza Atgawaz, El Dally 123, Al Kotta al 3Amyaa, Hanim Bint Basha, and 3Ala el Hawa.

He also starred on the big screen in M2lab 7arameia, and Nour 3iney.

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