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Another Failed Attempt for Aline Khalaf to come back

Another Failed Attempt for Aline Khalaf to come back

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Pursuing with our Divas Return series started with Nawal El Zoghby.

Another singer struggling to remain in the picture is Aline Khalaf. Her earlier sparkle has undoubtedly faded. When Gigi Lamara found a new toy, Nancy Agram, he tossed Aline Khalaf aside to fend for herself in an unforgiving industry that crushes its stars like flies, without much remorse.

Aline has been trying to recover from that blow ever since. She showed signs of life again in 2004 with her hits Law Indak Kalam and Aloulak Eh, the best of her work to date after La Li Leh. But for some reason she plunged back into the dark right after that. Busy with the newer much appealing 'Aristes', the press didn't seem to care all that much.

Her recent new single Baadak Aal baal is yet another attempt to confirm her right to exist. The song is not that bad, although not really mind-blowing. The video was also a mediocre attempt to portray Aline in a sexy or sensual way. Not very convincing either.

We will let you have the final say. Do you think she has succeeded or is this come back just another flop?

check in the video section of Aline Khalaf to check her latest video Baadak Aal Bal Video clip

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