Gender: Female

Nationality: Bahrain

Job Title: Singer

Ahlam also known as A7lam or Ahlaam is a famous female singer from Bahrain. Her full name is Ahlam Ali El Shamsi, she was born on the 13th of February 1969 in Bahrain.

In the year 1996 Ahlam became citizen of United Arab Emirates.

Ahlam is considered today as one of the leading Emarati and Gulf singers, Ahlam started her singing career when she was a little girl.

In the year 1994, Composer Anwar Abdullah helped Ahlam to release her first album entitled, AHLAM.

In year 2006, Ahlam signed a contract with music giant Rotana company and released an album in the year 1996 entitled El Tokl Sanaa.

For many year, Ahlam released many albums which included:
2003- Ahsan
2001- Li Elmak Bass
2000- Mekhtelef
1999- Tabi3ee
1998- Ma yeseh Ela El Sahih
1997- Kaif Arda
1996- Maaa Al Salamah
1995- Moutheer

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