Abdul Majid Abdullah

Abdul Majid Abdullah

Gender: Male

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Job Title: Singer

Abdul Majid Abdullah also known as Abdel majeed abdallah is a famous singer from the kingdom of saudi arabia.

Abdul Majid Abdullah was born on the 18th of August 1963, Abdullah is considered as one of the leading singers in the Arab world.

Abdul Majid Abdullah talent was discovered in school by his music teacher, who introduced him to the Radio Station in Jeddah where he performed for the first time the songs of Abdel Halim Hafez and Charifah Fadel.

His first concert was in Al-Ittihad Club in Jeddah. He was thirteen years old and this concert was his first success. There are three important phases in the artistic career of Abdulmajeed:

In the begining of his career, Abdul Majeed worked with composer Sami Ihsan. who helped him in his famous songs Sayed Ahali, El-sabr Miftah Alfaraj – Milad Houbi – Umri ma Agul lak leih.

Few years after, he worked with Composer Khaled El Sheikh from Bahrain, who composed for him great songs like: Tayr El-Shajan, Irja3a bissalamah, Zaman assibah, Roud Asalam, Saken Galbi and Alawan.

He also worked later with Saudi arabian Composers such as Salih El Shihri and Mamdouh Sayf. They helped him produce great songs such as: Rahib or Raheeb, Hayl Allah and the famous Ya tayeb El Galb wenak or (fenak).

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