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2009 Predictions by Jad

2009 Predictions by Jad

Jad Tawokji talked about his predictions for the year 2009:

- Israel gets defeated at the hands of heroes.

- Strained relations between the United States and Arab allies.

- The emergence of the truth and accountability of international criminals.

- The separation between the allies in the bloc, a senior.

- An important scientific discovery.

- The absence of Arab political figure art.

- The return of the global economy to normal.

- A natural phenomenon of concern to the Lebanese people.

- The collapse of a major institution.

- A significant change in Lebanon's internal politics and regional levels.

- Lebanese parliamentary elections, delayed from the scheduled date. And many problems have arisen.

- Lebanon's economy and the prosperity of economic projects and substantial development.

- The emergence of a regional war on the horizon, and confrontations with the enemy.

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