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UFO sightings Middle East

UFO sightings Middle East

There aren’t many UFO sightings recorded in the Middle East. UFOs or extraterrestrial contacts were never really part of Arabic pop culture like is the case in the West. Still a few UFO stories have made their way to the media.

Recorded sightings in the Arab World date back to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and the mythologies of ancient civilizations. See UFO in Lebanon and UFO in Egypt. UFO Sightings usually also occur over war zones of the Middle East; see UFO in Iraq and UFO in Israel. The unidentified flying objects are either war ships misinterpreted as UFOs as part of general panic, or accurate and honest sightings of intriguing unidentified flying saucers. A lot of stories also turn out to be hoaxes intended just to draw attention or alarm the general public.

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