Oum Walid fortune teller

Oum Walid fortune teller

Is someone’s future really determined ahead of time? Isn’t destiny a relative issue? We were a bit skeptical before meeting Oum Walid, one of the most famous fortune tellers in Lebanon.

At first sight, Oum Walid (or Um Waleed) appears to be your regular next door-neighbor type of person. No crystal balls, dead animal bones or anything of this sort…Just her soft smile and her expressive clear blue eyes. In that piercing stare, you witness a glimpse of your future!

Married off at a very young age of 14, Rosalie Tabet Abi Aad had to hide her gift from her strict traditional husband, despite the fact that being able to see the future is a gift from God, which she uses solely to do Good, she
went on explaining.

After impressing her friends and neighbors with her talent in coffee cup reading, word of mouth brought desperate crowds flocking at her front door from all walks of life: famous personalities, Kings and oriental princesses, politicians, singers, even men of religion!

Fanoos interviewed Oum Walid in 2006. We had a long interesting talk about her fortune telling gift, her background, etc... and some of our staff members also had their palm read for them! She positively surprised us on the personal predictions level, but you will notice she slipped a bit on her general predictions on Lebanon...

Is there something called fate and can someone change his destiny?

Yes Fate does exist! I predicted my own husband’s death actually; even though I still thought I could be wrong, fate was not wrong and my husband died soon after I read that in his palm…Once, I warned a man not to go diving because I could see him losing his life undersea. The man did not listen to me, and during one of his following dives something went wrong with the oxygen bottle or something and he never made it to the top alive.

Does one need to be gifted in order to practice this art or can it be learned?

There are many things to learn when it comes to fortune telling, however you must have the talent and you must be gifted to begin with. I had many people come in and ask to be taught the skills, but they didn’t have the needed talent. I told most of them to go back home because they just could never make it….I am sure you have heard of the 6th sense, but there is also the 7th, even the 9th sense, and I have all those that’s why I am very powerful.
Such gifts can be inherited also and that is how my daughter Helene Maalouf is also a fortune-teller and is now as famous if not more popular than I am. But Helene is more talented in face reading and that is something she is well reputed in. Each one of us has her own special talent, when it comes to fortune telling.

When palm-reading, are you influenced by the person’s physical appearance, his character and your own personal intuitions and instincts or do u strictly describe what u read on the palm lines? How many ways for predictions do you adopt , and which is the best?

I am in fact influenced by a person’s appearance. I can tell as soon as someone comes up to me what he wants, whether he is sick, he has demon problems, or if he is just seeking love. I can also sense his “Arineh”. Reading from coffee or shells gives us information that lasts for 1 to 3 month, however palm reading is more general and will give you information pertaining to a life time.

What is Arineh?

mmm it can be explained as the negative energy in a person.

Can you predict for countries and companies? What do you see for Lebanon?

Yes I can read and foresee the fate of counties as well. It’s all related to the location of the country on the world map. And for Lebanon I foresee heavenly days after the mid of the 2006. President Emile Lahoud will leave the chair and will be replaced with General Micheal Aoun… That would be for Lebanon’s own good.

What does your palm tell you about your future?

Many things some bad and some good ….but I prefer to leave them for myself. I just wish the best for all the good people.

Whether Oum Walid can really predict your future, we can’t really say. But what we can guarantee is an accurate description of your personality, your character and how you view things around you, all in the first few seconds!

Even if it’s just for fun go and experience the magic of Oum Walid . At least it will make you question the matter and invite you to look for answers. She used to be available at La Maison Du Cafe in Geant Casino every Saturday around 4 PM, but we are not sure she is still there…but she can also be reached by appointment at her apartment in Dekweneh on the following numbers 03/320563 and 01/690195. Make sure you tell her you got her contact info from our site;), thought we are not sure she still remembers us, it's been years since we last saw her...and it was a delight seeing her again on TV in Ahmar Bil Khatt Al Aarid with Malek Maktabi on April 27 2011.

Good luck, and make sure you come back and share with us what she predicted for you!!!

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