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Michel Hayek 2011 Predictions

Michel Hayek 2011 Predictions

Here are the Michel Hayek 2011 Predictions.

Hayek was as usual a guest of honor on LBC during the new Year's eve, and he gave the following predictions:

Hayek 2011 Predictions:

-The Lebanese University will be the scene of bickering and division and some scandals.

- The name of General Fayez Karam will not be forgotten in jail.

-A positive public demonstration after an unnatural event.

-The Keffiyeh (Palestinian scarf) will be seen on the shoulders of many celebrities worldwide.

-The road from Bkerke to Harissa will be under careful observation of global and domestic eyes.

-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be surrounded by a medical team.

-The March 14th political coalition will take a peaceful initiative to contain a particular crisis.

-Number of investments will be channeled into the medical sector.

-What happened in Deir Al-Zour is the beginning of interventions and violations.

-The previous Israeli position not to express an apology toward Turkey will not remain the same; and there will be positive signs in regards to Ankara.

-The “Ain Alaq” incident will be repeated through a terrorist attack to avenge the killing of Abdel-Rahman Awad.

-The UNIFIL in Lebanon will need something like "UNIFIL" to avert a crisis.

- The Lebanese media will be busy covering incidents related to the National Council of Information and the Minister of Information.

-A relation of some sort between the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.

-Those who believe will be the heirs of the Free Patriotic Movement and MP Michel Aoun, will face internal problems, as some others will leave the movement before the end of the distribution.

-Leadership of the Egyptian actor Adel Imam will face threats.

-The emergence of a political/governmental figure in a manner supported by Egyptian public opinion.

-A division of opinion regarding an art work displayed during the month of Ramadan, which faces a dead end.

-Incident related to the Lebanese TV Channel “MTV”.

- The Island of Rabbits in Tripoli and the surrounding area will flourish.

-Sports victories will take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-Intense pressure from certain parties to prosecute the singer “Amr Adib”.

-Rebellion of the church in Lebanon.

-A counter-reaction turns into a coup in one of the Lebanese municipalities.

-Storm blowing on both Pakistani government and people.

-A memory of the tunnel between Cheka and Koura is brought back.

-The Pope faces some crisis personally.

-A change in the case of actress Susan Tamim in terms of court and sentence.

-The next Prime Minister of Lebanon will not be from Beirut (the capital of Lebanon).

-A popular demonstration will take place in which everyone will be wearing one uniform.

-The traditional dancing group Caracalla will present something new.

-Rumors and some indecent incidents to occur on the TV show "Star Academy 8”. (see Rumors and Scandals in Star Academy 8)

-A high ranking Lebanese military personal will receive a bribe, and he will start issuing threats.

-A controversy surrounding Imad Mughniyah.

-Qatar’s recent openness to the world will be the cause of a breach in national security.

-One of the United Arab Emirates will be busy with security issues related to one of its skyscrapers.

-One of the three [Lebanese] presidents holds a sentimental speech.

-The Kingdom of Jordan contributes to resolving some complex disputes.

-The emergence of a historical document linked to one of the three heavenly religions.

-Important developments in the Israeli-Palstenian case.

-Panic in the alleys of the refugee camp of “Ain al Helwe”

-Some “cleaning” and firing of personnel in the Lebanese Judiciary system.

-The Iranian opposition will lose one of its most celebrated figures.

-For the first time, rocket bases will be planted in the Arab world.

-Gaza is the triumphant party of the blockade.

-Political problems will be the main issue for Bill Gates, and not Microsoft.

-Darkness looming over Coptic Church.

-The structure of the Government of Israel will not remain as it is today.

-The Al Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque will be the top worries of many world leaders including Barack Obama.

-Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah will be seen in a certain public display/demonstration/show.

-The role of the Syrian woman emerges in the Arab World.

-The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make a scene in front of the camera.

-The name Vladimir Putin will keep Russia and the world busy.

-Setbacks in the plans of French President Nicolas Sarkozy

-A certain Lebanese family will keep on facing tragedies.

-One of the Arab countries’ will face a tragic accident.

-A certain tragedy will join for the first time Israel with surrounding countries.

-Some members of Hezbollah will face an internal incident which includes arms.

-Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh will remain in his position despite some hard problems.

-Some of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s risky activities will expose him to some incidents.

-Mohamed ElBaradei returns from his battle early.

-Some areas in Syria receive their well deserved historic and aesthetic titles.

-The composition of the new Iraqi government will not remain the same.

-Egyptian military forces will be on high alert to stop certain insurgencies.

-A very dangerous situation will take place in the Lebanese International Airport.

-Natural disasters will take place in Lebanon.

-An emergency meeting will be called for inside the Saudi royal family, and new youthful spirit will be added to the government.

-Incidents in the streets of Tehran, will remind the world of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Al-Khomeini.

-An Arabic figure will face the same fate as Imam Moussa al-Sadr.

-The emergence of the “hunt for terrorism” in Europe.

-President Barack Obama receives popular affection which will help him evade a crisis for a certain period.

-Abu Dhabi will in deed be prosperous.

-Some European countries will be in a certain dispute with Israel.

-Women Rights in Kuwait will be given; and one political figure will face some problems.

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