Valerio Pino

Valerio Pino

Gender: Male

Nationality: Italy

Valerio Pino is an Italian model and dancer.

Valerio Pino was born on August 13, 1981 in Cosenza.

Valerio Pino joined a dance school in his province when he was only 8 and continued his training there up until his 15, when he moved to Rome to join the National Dance Academy. He began working as a dancer for a variety programs in Italian television channels.

At the same time and over the years, Valerio Pino became a model on Milan catwalk for Valentino and other designers. In these years, Valerio combined his work as a TV dancer and model, with that of a choreographer, and dance instructor.

Valerio Pino jumped to the Spanish television as a teacher of catwalk in the program "Supermodel 2006 and 2007". He participated as a contestant on the reality show "Supervivientes, Perdidos en Honduras", and worked as a model in different advertising campaigns on TV.

Valerio Pino is the image of the gay travel agency Quiicky.

Valerio Pino became popular in the tabloids as the boyfriend of Ricky Martin.

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