Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste Giabiconi

Gender: Male

Nationality: France

Baptiste Giabiconi is an International French model turned pop singer.

Baptiste Giabiconi has been dubbed designer Karl Lagerfeld’s muse. He has been his protege and was rumored to be his boyfriend, although the fashion designer denied it adding it's nonsense if only for their age difference. The story began when Lagerfield dumped his previous muse/model Brad Kroenig, who was the focus of his entire book of Lagerfeld photographs. He added that Baptiste Giabiconi is "a male version of Gisele Bundchen: 'Perfect when dressed and stunning undressed.' "There is no other model in the business like him."

Baptiste Giabiconi is the male face of Chanel, Fendi, Frankie Morello, Armani Jeans and of course 'K'. He is also the face of Coca Cola Light alongside Canadian model Coco Rocha for 2010.He also portrayed Ken in “Barbie and Ken” exhibition by Karl.

Baptiste Giabiconi has signed with prominent modeling agencies such as Premier(London), Mega Agency(Hamburg), Scoop(Copenhagen), d'management(Milan), Sight(Barcelona) and MGM(Paris).

Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, l'Officiel ... Giabiconi is snatched by all leading magazines in the world and the Americans call him the most handsome man in France since Alain Delon! He also also starred in Tetu, V Man, Numero Homme, V Magazine and Harper´s Bazaar.

Baptiste Giabiconi's childhood was not so easy. He was born on the 9 November 1989. He grew up in Corsica and Marseille in France, raised by a single mother. Baptiste was not beautiful as a teenager. Doing mechanical labor as a fitter in an aircraft factory, he decided to work on his physique, and spends hours sculpting a new body in sports clubs. He built a portfolio and goes to numerous castings without much success, until 2008 when gets spotted by Karl known for identifying unpolished talents. In just two years, he became the number one male model in the world!

Baptiste Giabiconi then turned to his other passion: music. On the occasion of a TV documentary devoted to him, Baptiste met the man who would become his producer, Side Hajjaji.

Together they decide to make an electro glam pop and rock album, drawing on musical influences from Baptist and his experience in the world of fashion.

Produced by Be First Media, his first single Showtime, was released as a teaser of his upcoming album in 2011. It is composed by Thom Carslym and Mats Rossander and directed by Kore (Florida, Pittbull, Shaggy ...).

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