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Michel Hayek 2010 Predictions

Michel Hayek 2010 Predictions

Early in 2010 Michel-Hayek had made his predictions for the new year. Below is a list of his predictions for the Arab world.
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Morocco Predictions by Michel-Hayek

Morocco sparkles in the world of beauty, tourism and art.

The king will become more popular due to some bad event.

Major new construction projects lead the way for investors and make Morrocco a touristic attraction.

Qatar Predictions by Michel-Hayek

Qatar to excel in Sports which draws a big attention to the it.

Cold relationships to occur between the main leaders in Qatar.

A Qatari official health problems in the news.

Egypt Predictions by Michel-Hayek

A celebrity is banned from entering Egypt.

Normal and steady relationship between Syria & Egypt is on the way.

Because of major problems, many attempts for change will fail.

Two celebrities from Egypt die causing sadness among Arabs.

Weak steps towards restoring a good relationship between Hezbollah and Egypt.

Health problems with President Husni Mubarak causes rumors everywhere.

Jordan Predictions by Michel-Hayek

Sudden climate change in Jordan will cause many negative effects to the country, resulting in a quick meeting to try and solve the issue.

The Jordanian Royal Palace is under threats of terrorism.

Religious sites in Jordan are shown in a remarkable way.

UAE Predictions by Michel-Hayek

An Emirati personality gets assigned the place of a former Emirati for a specific duration.

A religious incident and some terror schemes occur one of the Emirates.

UAE economy keeps improving despite some minor earthquakes.

Sudan Predictions by Michel-Hayek

The power of President Omar Al Bashir towards decline.

Iraq Predictions by Michel-Hayek

A person related to Saddam Hussein will make the news.

President Al Maliki faces some major problems.

Kuwait Predictions by Michel-Hayek

Political tension and negativity towards the prince of Kuwait.

A security incident occurs in public.

Libya Predictions by Michel-Hayek

Muammar Al Gaddafi gets out of the flock.

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