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Lebanon Predictions 2011

Lebanon Predictions 2011

These are the latest updated 2011 predictions of fortune teller Leila Abdel Latif, gathered from all of her different interviews and appearances on TV, radio and magazine. You will notice that some of her predictions are not that original, at least nothing that one cannot already anticipate (given you have been paying attention to the latest news!). Some predictions also sound very familiar and might have been mentioned by other clairvoyants before her. She also confused us a bit with her contradictory predictions from consecutive radio or TV interviews! (we will mention that between parentheses whenever this is the case)It is still a very good roundup, and deserves the read. Let us know what you think, by leaving a comment. Enjoy.

-March 2011. Big explosion or assassination. (This was delayed apparently as March has already passed and nothing a more recent interview Leila sees security and army on the door of a hospital in Lebanon similar to a scene that was seen with the assassination of Pierre Amine Gemayel...)

-Collective mourning on all televisions for a Lebanese leader.

-The release of Lebanese from Syrian jails.(This prediction was made recently in April, and is copied from Mike Feghali who a week before her had made the same prediction. See Mike Feghaly 2011 Predictions)

-The situation in Syria will escalate and get out of control (April 2011)

-Plane crash, with a politician on board as a passenger. Arab Leader + a Lebanese Politician

-Confiscation of funds and wealth of 3 Lebanese leaders abroad and news about the involvement of their wives .(recent prediction in April 2011)

-Hizbollah to face crisis during 3 coming months, but will pass safely with the wisdom of Hassan Nassrallah (Prediction made in April 2011). She later said the crisis will not be transient.

-Famous entertainer or singer to pass away.

-Bloodshed in a University in Lebanon.(copied from Hayek Michel 2011 Predictions)

-Amshit, Demour, Nahr el Bared, Batroun and Hamet to witness presence of armed forces. (Predicted in April 2011)

-Mini Tsunami in Lebanon and the region. Water will reach Casino Du Liban. Small earthquakes, but no tragic events. (April 2011)

-Bankruptcy of some Banks in Lebanon and Arab World.

-Saydet Harissa Lady of Lebanon will become the next Medjugorje or Lourde… Millions of Pilgrims will flock to witness the Divine Intervention that shall take place there. Area crowded with large masses… light, magical healings, divine episodes…the world will focus on the cathedral and its surroundings, especially in the evening.

-In a more recent interview, she says the world will turn to look at Lebanon's skies and she cannot say more at this point, so this could be related to the same above prediction. This prediction is also copied from Mike!

-Leila predicted Haifa Wehbe Divorce, as well as the divorce of Nancy Ajram despite a third child. (see Celebrities Psychic Predictions)

-The Special Hariri Tribunal (qarar el zanni) will indict Hezbollah members, as well as al Qaeda, after the New Year. This will not affect the resistance party, as its reliability and objectivity will be put to question on a larger scale. There will be no civil war as a result in Lebanon. Previously to that, she had also added that other more grave events will overshadow the tribunal altogether...

-Because of the involvement of foreign intelligence (moukhabarat douwaliyeh), we won’t know who was the real party responsible, except for one crime : Foreign company or organization will be discovered as involved in the Gebrane Tueni assassination.

-UNIFEL in south Lebanon will be threatened.

-Clashes (fitna)in the north, Chemal, Bekaa, and Saida, but Lebanese army will control the situation.

-Collective food poisoning, from spoiled products.

-Regional war / strike... Soon... Hotels in Lebanon filled with reporters and cameras to cover the incident…. Palestinian camps might also be targets. This strike will be the last war though, before the awaited peace. (Please note that this is in slight contradiction with her other predictions in which she says there won't be any regional strikes. Refer to Iran in World Predictions 2011)

- Palestinian refugees will ask for Lebanese military intervention in reaction to incidents that will take place in camp (related to terrorism).

-Palestinian armed forces in camps will be dismantled.

-Part of the refugees will be naturalized and be granted Lebanese citizenship, and the other part will migrate to other parts of the world. Lebanese debt will be crossed out in return!

-Nahr el Bared camp will not see any Palestinian settlements, instead will be turned into a military base and touristic area.

-Collective dialogue /round table recovered relations with Syria… Even Geagea will meet Syrian officials in Syria. A long list of reconciliations will take place; General Michel Aoun will have an initiative towards Geagea, and will be held in high regard by the public opinion. Michel Frangieh and Geagea will also reconcile…(This is in slight contradiction with her more recent predictions,in which Syria will interfere to resolve the Lebanese problems, by creating a new sort of Taef agreement)

-Assassinations will persist…

-Smuggled and Pirated Drugs stopped… Pharmacies involved in this traffic closed down. The Impressive mafia chain of culprits will also include Physicians and even Hospitals! Scandal!!!

-TV Stations will shut down temporarily or will see their grid of programs lightened up from lack of funds…Future TV, New Tv, MTV …crisis, financial problems… LBC to face grand changes, after a period of struggle … LBC will be restored back to the Lebanese Forces Party.

-An Arab female journalist or TV presenter residing in Lebanon will be stopped and incarcerated after a scandal.

-Black smoke coming from the Bekka and Baalbeck

-Crime against House of Justice or legal institution… Group of Judges or lawyers (more than 2) targeted.

-Full security to be restored, crackdown on all criminal activities in the country.

-South of Lebanon and North of Lebanon to become similar to Sharm el Sheikh.

-Real Estate prices to drop back to normality (please note that she changed her mind recently and said in an interview they will rise! Sorry but she went back to her original prediction and with an interview with Tony Khalifeh said the prices will drop)..It will become easier to buy a house, land etc…but food prices expected to rise. Life in general will become more expensive.

-Leader or Religious figure to be kidnapped.(In April 2011, she specified it would be something similar to Musa Al Sadr)

-Mufti Mohammad Kabbani to lose his official position as mofti of the Lebanese Republic, or will be relegated.

Predictions for Lebanese Politicians:

--Najib Mikati will have a big role in government….a ministerial position awaits him, perhaps PM . or something similar..Big role for him in Lebanon. (Updated on April 23, 2011, Mikati will not be able to create a new government and will resign from the assigned task.

-Saad Hariri will show more flexibility and come forth with numerous important initiatives.(More recently she said, he is confused, and she sees him out of the country for a while- away from political responsibilities-Travel...even more recently she added he will be away for good and she doesn't even see him in the next elections or in politics altogether! In April 2011 Leila changed her mind AGAIN and predicted that his role is not over yet and she sees him in the next government. She also sees women in power like Nazik Hariri and Leila Al Solh Hamadeh. To note that the latter was actually not long ago nominated by Tayyar el Watani for a similar role)

-Lebanese President Michel Sleiman is not comfortable in Baabda. and might not continue his mandate...pressure.

-Nabih Berri will be the first to stand up against the tribunal's indictment of the resistance, and will work on stopping the financing. Ain El Tineh will house large demonstrations and visits in support of his positions. One minister will have to leave his post after a conflict with Berri.

-Walid Jumblatt will be a strong defender of Hezbollah (mohami el difa3). He will play a big role in resolving the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites.

-Suleiman Franjieh Jr will become the next Lebanese president, and Rima Sleiman Frangieh the new lady of the Presidential Palace.

-Elias Murr will also have a big role in the future in coordination with the Lebanese Army.(in her more recent predictions she sees no role for him and does not see him in Yarze. Bad news.)

-Hassan Nassrallah will also come through with an unexpected initiative…At a later stage, an integration of the Lebanese Resistance into the Lebanese Army.

-Jean Ahwajeh from plane to plane around the world… to help the army, seek financing and equipment . In her more recent predictions, he will impose a public curfew (mane3 tajawol)to stop clashes (fetna) in the country.

-General Michel Aoun will have a conflict with Ibrahim Kanaan. He will have an initiative towards Geagea, and will be held in high regard by the public opinion.

-Samir Geagea will reconcile with other christian factions as well as Syrian, and will gradually lose his role in the coming years.

-Amine Gemayel and Karameh, both expected to face health complications.(She did not mention his health in recent predictions). Amine will visit Iran and Syria.

-Sami Gemayel in danger. Watch out!

-Gebran Bassil to institute new policies and wrong reforms in ministry of electricity, which will result in losses in the state's revenues (On a side note: If she means he will be on the side of the Lebanese consumers and decrease tariffs, then we don't think they will be wrong decision in our opinion. The money would be spent and stolen by corrupt politicians anyway;)

-Misbah Ahdab will become a minister in the next government.

-Ghazi el Aridi to play a role in preventing fetna in jabal.

-Emile Lahoud, reconsidered for his previous role and his importance is finally acknowledged.(rad i3tibar)

-Ziad Baroud will resign after the pressures he endures.

-General Wafic Jezzini's post will be taken over by Officers from the Lebanese Army.

-Okab Sakr to become a minister and gets a more important post.

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