How to Kiss

How to Kiss

In order to know how to kiss professionally, or simply how to become good at kissing, make sure you follow the 5 golden steps to a perfect kiss

The first step in kissing is known as the Pre Kiss
The most difficult part of kissing is knowing the right time to kiss, all the pre-state which is followed by a perfect kiss.
You must know well when and if your partner is ready to kiss you, this might be easy for some people, but for the first few tmes it might be a challenge, so be careful.

The second step to a good kiss is to Practice Kissing
Once you are ready to kiss, stuff will begin to happen quickly. Make sure that you are comfortable and not nervous about the kiss. It is a good idea to practice before it happens to learn the technique. Use your arm, a mirror, even a photo will do.

The third step to to Kissing well is the Moment you kiss
Now there is no turning back, It is the time for THE BIG KISS. Put what you learned in the first two steps together. It is a good to know the technique of kissing, it is good to practice kissing, but when it's time to do it, just do it with all your mind, soul and heart.

The fourth step is the Post Kiss
The after kiss is a bit similar to the pre-kiss state, however it is more warm and tender. If you enjoyed the kiss show your partner that you liked it by smiling and holding their hand, and looking deeply with affection into their eye.

The final step is knowing well How NOT to Kiss
Knowing what to Do in Kissing is very important, but knowing what NOT to do while kissing is equally important. Just as doing all the right things can make for a magical kiss, doing all the wrong things could seriously throw you out of the league and make you a real bad kisser. We will dedicate a special article for the things which you are not supposed to do while kissing as this is a big subject and will need special attention to detail, so stay tuned.

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