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tools/logo3.gif alignright ?About |?Subscribe | Advertise???? Search ?Yemen TimesWWW ??with Current date: Saturday October 07, 2006 - Issue: (987), Volume 14, From 5 October 2006 to 8 October 2006---BODY STARTS HERE------MENU STARTS HERE------MENU front------MENU local------MENU community------MENU business------MENU view------MENU opinion------MENU letters------MENU report------MENU lastpage--- ---MENU ENDS HERE---Saleh announces projects, criticizes US democracy in IraqSaleh confirms his promises during elections campaign are to be implemented.SANA?A, Oct. 2 ? President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced a project for electricity through nuclear energy, a seawater desalination project and to begin fighting corrupt officials while addressing an Iftar reception at the Presidential Palace Monday.Full Story...Nicholson to Sana?a University students: Yemeni elections mark Yemeni political historySANA?A, Oct. 3 ? The Yemeni elections are ?a milestone in Yemen?s political history,? according to Baroness Emma Nicholson, Chief Observer of European Union Election Observation Mission while praising the participation of both the opposition and ruling parties.Full Story...Penniless inmates appeal to president to fulfil promisesSANA?A, Oct. 4 ? Inmates in Sana?a Central Prison appealed to the president to release them all, based on the slogan ?The penniless inmate is a state?s citizen, head of a household, and has a lawful, constitutional, legal and human right in life. Full Story...Symposium to discuss Yemen?s GCC entrySANA?A, Oct. 4 ? In cooperation with Yemeni Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center will hold a symposium on Nov. 8 - 9 to establish the mechanisms required for Yemen?s admission to Gulf Cooperation Council.Full Story...SCER postpones announcing local elections resultsSANA?A, Oct. 4 ? The Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum postponed the announcement of the local elections results, attributing its decision to the difficulties and problems hindering the arrival of the final results from all districts.Full Story... OUR VIEWPOINT By EditorThe oath, the hammer and the throneThis title might sound like a famous legend, yet it is just a personal narration of a very important hour in Yemen?s political history.On the 27th of this month, Wednesday at one in the afternoon, to be precise, journalists gathered at the Ministry of Information to attend the swearing-in of the old/new president of Yemen.Full Story... COMMON SENSE By Hassan Al-HaifiThe signs are not thereThe observer cannot fail to recall that the Yemeni people have heard a lot of people saying that things will not be the same after the elections are over with and manyalmost believed that there can only be one way to go and that is forward.But as the days go by, one realizes that we have really been given the ?number? as they say. Full Story...Samirs Cartoon/href Interactive PollPresident Saleh promised to build nuclear reactors to produce

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