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Country: Lebanon

Lebanese Christian religious television station. Broadcasting to Lebanon and to the world under the name of Noursat

In the year 1991, T?©l?©-Lumi?¨re began its humble journey of broadcasting Christian based programs in Lebanon. Its identity is as clear as its message: A television for man, society, the nation and the church. It is not a political or commercial station, but a cultural, spiritual and humanitarian project. T?©l?©-Lumi?¨re was established after the Lebanese war to participate in rebuilding the people torn by war and to spread the value of peace, communication and forgiveness in a nation which will not be able to survive without these principles.

Throughout its mission, T?©l?©-Lumi?¨re has never worked for the profit of one person but for all the people, never for a community but for all communities. It has always been a messenger of the holy Spirit, a light that guides everyone to the way, the Life and the Light.

Therefore, the church cooperated with this television station, which she found as the best means to promote the principles of justice, love, freedom and human rights; values called for by Christianity everywhere. Its mission is ecumenical. It is supervised by the assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon and directed by a committee involving religious leaders from various denominations and a group of laity eager to support this distinguished projects. The relationship between the Church and T?©l?©-Lumi?¨re is organized through a "cooperation protocol".

As for the government, it considers T?©l?©-Lumi?¨re, through the assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon, a Christian station, financially independent and having freedom of management and programming controlled only by the authority of the Church.


* Spreading true knowledge as a mean of human progress, through rejection of racism and openness to others, in ways of thinking, acting and ways of life, and encouraging creativity in the various fields of study and the arts.

* Establishing the idea of peace among people and working for it with all the possible means by respecting humanity and freedom as mentioned in the charter of United Nations

* Allowing for the possibility of different races and creeds to gather through a free dialogue to exchange views and experiences and to confront daily problems in their complexities.

* A commitment to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church, respecting other religious beliefs and getting to know and love them in order to work together for a free and happy human being in an ideal country.

* A respect for all spiritual and worldly authorities as person and symbols. The following of all regulations and laws. A refusal of presenting or marketing current political news.

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