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Provides free online teaching of Arabic and Islamic practices using multimedia programs.

HomeFeedbackYourE-MailDownloadLibraryMediaStore[About] [Bookmarkthis site] [Tell a Friend][Idea Box] [Help]LearnWhileYou Play ArabicFirst StepsArabic VocabularyArabic BubblesWrite ArabicAlphabet JigsawAlphabet SliderArabic BreakoutColoring Alphabet Arabic TicTacToeCount in ArabicColoring BookAllahs Names MemoConcentration GameArabicPlay and Learn Alphabet56 piece set to start learning Arabic languageReg.: $11.95. In theSpotlightEncouragement and Criticism:Killing Your Childs Enthusiasm: Parents, sometimes with their comments or attitude can have a negative influence on their children, unknowingly. Discussed below are some of these pitfalls and ways of avoid them.10 Things You Can Do To Develop A Culture Of Muslim Unity : This enduring image of Hajj has become a hallmark of this Ummahs unity in its diversity.8tips on sharing Ramadan with your neighbors : TheProphet Muhammad said: quot;He is not a believer who eats his fillwhile his neighbor remains hungry by his side quot; (Baihaqi).Previous Articleson raising your children.Mohammad: Legacy of a ProphetAs shown on PBS, this story of the 7th century Prophet who changed world history in 23 years, and continues to shape the lives of more than 1.2 billion people. Price : Special: $26.95Bornin the USA: Muslim Americans(A Documentary)Post Sept. 11 era insists that thereis a growing need to publicize the diversity and positivecontributions of Muslim Americans. Born in the USA:Muslim-Americans did just that. Special: $14.95Copyright ? 1999 by Greeting cardsSubmit a SiteSearch this Site--webbot botHitCounter u-custom i-digits0 i-image4 PREVIEW lt;strong gt;[Hit Counter] lt;/strong gt; i-resetvalue300000 startspan ----webbot botHitCounter i-checksum17416 endspan --

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