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International Copier Center

Address: PO Box 24868

Country: Kuwait

Telephone: 965099007170

Fax: 965025729347


Since 1954, ATALLAH Co. satisfy every need in medical and hospital equipments such as beds and furniture.
Pioneering this field since its foundation, in Lebanon and the Middle East, ATALLAH Co. share today more than 75% of the local market with several projects in the Arab countries.
Today ATALLAH Co. can call on its capabilities and long term involvement in this field to study any project tailored to suit hospitals, clinics, medical and health care center needs, by offering a wide range of medical beds and hospitals furniture. A variety of more than 20 hospital bed models are available to cope with each client specific needs and budget; command system can vary from electric, hydraulic to mechanic.

ATALLAH Co. has managed through the years to develop its productions process by rendering it more flexible in their line of products, to meet todays most demanding specifications. ATALLAH Co. covers also a wide spectrum of medical room furniture ranging from bed side cabinet, over bed tables, relax chairs, examining couch to patient trolleys, dressing trolleys, pharmacy cabinet, stools and many others.

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