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Golnoor Lighting Group

Address: No 123, Zayanderood bldg, Ferdosi ave,

Country: Iran

Telephone: 00983112201157

Fax: 00983112203535

The largest manufacturer of lighting products such as Street Lighting Fixtures, Flood Lights, Garden lights, LED Lighting fixtures, Lighting Poles in Iran.

Golnoor Lighting Group (GLG) is the largest manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, specialized in Street Lighting & Flood Lighting Fixtures, in Iran. We have started our activities in 1991 by producing few models of Street Lights and during passing the years developed our quality and products variety. Now our 4 companies produce more than 30 options of Street Lights with our own design in our 4 factories from start to end. GLG production range includes: Out Door Lighting Products and Fixtures (with the capacity of producing more than 2000 Pcs per day), poles and masts, Led Street Lighting, Garden Lighting. Led Products and Solar Systems, Flood Lights, Flood Light Towers and Masts, Traffic Signs, Energy saving Lamps, Igniters, Electronic Ballasts , …. We are proud to cover more than 75% of lighting projects and tenders in Iran. Also our successful experience in exporting our products to other countries such as Middle East Countries, Germany, Italy, CIS countries, is the evidence of our success in global; competition.

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