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Country: Lebanon

Specialized dental implants system with no screws, torque drivers, impression post or special copings.

The Bicon system is the culmination of over 30 years of research and design by Thomas Driskell, an engineer who developed patented, and brought the system to Market in 1985.

Subsequently, stryker instruments purchased the system from Mr.Driksell. In 1994, Stryker sold to a group of clinicians, and Businessmen from Boston, Massachusetts.

Unlike other dental implants, The Bicon System, requires only two parts. There are no screws, torque drivers, impression post or special copings. The restoration of the Bicon Implant is the same as that of a post of a post and core. If you can take an impression and cement a crown. Then you can successfully restore a Bicon Implant.

Instead of screws joining the Implant to the abutment a locking taper or friction is a well known engineering principle that is used in orthopedic hip replacements; dentists use it each day with their dental lathes.

The metal to metal contact means that there is no rotation and no bacterial leakage once the abutment is properly tapped into the implant. No rotation means that the design and the execution of treatment plans are simpler and more predictable; it is not necessary to splint the implant to natural teeth or to other implants in order to gain stability.

Denture restorations are just as straightforward. With the use of bicons O-ring overdenture abutments the prosthesis can be fabricated 100 percent chairside with no laboratory involvement or costs. In addition, 0? and 15? O-ring abutments are available which facilitate parallelism of abutments especially in the maxilla.

Bicon Middle East
Cairo street, Zalka Buliding, 2nd floor
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +9611747651,
Fax: +9611747652

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