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Daily easy Tips for Losing Weight quickly

Daily easy Tips for Losing Weight quickly

Here is a list of five healthy daily habits to secure and healthy life, away from heart problems and belly fat.

The five below tips are recommended by doctors after conducting a study on more than 85,000 women at Harvard.

1- Avoid smoking.

2- Drink between half to one full glass of wine each day (do not exceed this limit).

3- Engage in at least 30 minutes daily exersise of motion with focus on heart health exersises.

4- Keep watching your weight and stay within normal limits.

5- Eat healthy food and stay away from oily junk food. Making sure your healthy diet includes high fiber and low trans fats. omega-3 fat acid is good for heart health (omega 3 supplements can be taken too).

Now here are the results of the survey.
Following 3 of the above, will reduce heart risk disease by 57%
Following 4 of the above, lead to 66% reduction of heart problems.
Following all 5factors, will reduce the risk of heart problems by 83%

So keep that list of 5 healthy tips in mind and put them into your daily planner for a long healthy lifestyle.

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