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Most expensive purse in the world

Most expensive purse in the world

The Most Expensive Purse in the World is called Mouawad 1001 Nights. It is a Heart Shaped Diamond Purse and valued at around $3.8 million dollars.

The Diamond Heart Shaped Handbag is very expensive because it is made of 18 karat gold garnished with 4517 diamonds.

The world's most expensive handbag is encrusted with precious stones including 105 yellow stones, 56 pink gems, and 4356 transparent jewels.

It is said that ten artists handcrafted the purse and took 8800 hours of laborious work.

The Most Expensive purse in the world was designed by Robert Mouawad and was inspired by an epic story from the Arabian nights.

During the month of February 2011, The purse was showcased at the Jewelery and Watches Exhibition in Doha, Qatar.

The diamond heart shaped purse got also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its whopping price.

It is also known that Dubai-based designer Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad has also been named as a top world designer house.

On a similar past note, in the year 2003, House of Mouawad, collaborated with Victoria’s Secret and created the most expensive bra in the world named The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra and was worth $11 million dollars.

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