Men Swimwear 2011

Men Swimwear 2011

For men, board shorts that are just above the knee are not only still in vogue, but seem to be making a comeback! Most designer swimwear collections for 2011 have focused on them but with an overall trend for a less baggy look. Naturally, board shorts are very comfortable and give a lot of breathing room. They are also quite flexible since they easily double as street wear while on the road. Board shorts are also quite popular on Lebanese beaches.

Most women are said to prefer this style on their men, because it leaves a bit to the imagination and apparently also give them a masculine look.

The prude Americans have taken it a step further and invented the swimming trunks which are a bit longer and reach below the knee! For a plain and simple style board shorts, check Classique by Shan Men. It features a banded waist with adjustable drawstring and includes side pockets and an Inner mesh lining. Alternatively you can go for a low rise model with a tailored fit. Always avoid flashy floral designs, unless you are in Honolulu (although most brands have them in their 2011 collection). Vintage prints are also IN!

If you are in good shape and like to soak up the sun however, then Speedo is the way to go. Check the Meridian, a modern low rise bikini brief by Parke and Ronen.

They are usually more popular in Europe and South America. Beware of social stigmas in some countries, as they could be seen as being related to one’s sexual orientation. This could explain why women prefer shorts on men, as opposed to bikinis? Still Speedo bikini style swimwear dries faster, is better for swimming, and of course also leaves better tan lines! Unarguably, Speedo briefs better display the male form is all its glory. If you are too hairy, avoid this style (check our article about Permanent Laser Hair Removal Lebanon!)

Half way between the two is our favorite, the spandex shorts. Make sure they are very very short, you are not in a bike race! These are very popular in Brazil. The Mid cut swim Trunk or low cut ones are by far the sexiest. They resemble the speedo, but cover a tiny extra part of the upper thighs. In this middle ground, no need to do as the Romans do! You can’t go wrong with this style and you can avoid the embarrassment of not being within the norms of style (which change from beach to beach).With the proper colors and patterns, Retro shorts inspired by Burt Lancasters 60s look could also do the trick (doesn’t work on everyone though).

If you would like to know more about the upcoming trends in women beachwear collections, check Women Swimwear 2011.

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