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Blue Jeans Festival at Le Mall Sin el Fil

Blue Jeans Festival at Le Mall Sin el Fil

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The Blue Jeans Festival is an event organized at Le Mall Lebanon (Sin el Fil) from May 20th till May 29th.

The "Blue Jeans Festival" involves jeans fashion shows, personal customization of denim wear, live music band concerts, and regular jeans shopping at the mall.

The Blue Jeans Festival is created with the support of Beirut-based Azadea Group which operates more than 350 stores across the Middle East.

Fashion Shows at the Blue Jeans Festival(6pm-9pm):

Friday 20: Promod, Boggi, Weekend, Marella

Saturday 21: Tally Weijl, Big Star, Salsa Jeans, Stradivarius

Friday 27: Sogo, Pull and Bear, Sport & Loisir, Bershka

Saturday 28: Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, Moustache, Monsoon Lady

Sunday 29: Mango , Punt Roma, Original Marines

Fanoos attended the Saturday 21st event. Many VIP guests were invited for the occasion and were seated in a special section close to the cat walk stadium. Those we were able to identify included Wiam Wahab, Nathalie Fadlallah, Dominique Hourani, Rodney Haddad, Rindala Kodeih, Rosarita Tawil, Laura Khalil, Mirna Khayat, Yorgo Chalhoub, Elsi Ferneini, Katia Kaadi, Rima Sayrafi...and us of course;)

After Mohannad Bashir welcomed the guests, the fashion show began. While some shoppers went on with their business, others joined those dining in the surrounding cafes to watch the show. The photographers were naturally busy trying to snap the best photos from various angles and locations in the mall. The Future TV was also there filming interviews.

The fashion show featured both women and men clothing. The female models were not all Lebanese, unlike the two male ones which were Jad Hadid and Fadi Namoura.

There was also a music break, with a performance by the duo Hanine Al-Alam and Nemer Habib.

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