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TV Series Ramadan 2006

TV Series Ramadan 2006

I asked few people of different age groups which series are they watching this Ramadan.. And their answer was almost the same... (Series? ... well is there anything new this year?) To my surprise they did not know that the television stations in our world are currently crowded with more than 15 good and well made series.

So let me do a quick summary for those who don’t know and wish to know of course.

The Whole Topic might not even interest you; it is mostly targeted to people who are above 30s and who really enjoy watching Arabic Series on Television.

I will list the series randomly and without any bias, so excuse me if I missed one or two series because they are many.

staring: Mouna Zaki
story: The Life Story of Souad Hosni.
playing on: LBC

Hadrat Al Mutaham Abi
staring: Nour El Sharif
story: The Life of Abdul Hamid who a school teacher that gets a involved with his student problems.
playing on: DUBAI

Hadaeek Al Shaitan
staring: Jamal Sulaiman, Sumaya Al Khashab, Ousama Abbas, Mimi Jammal
playing on: MBC

Khaled Bin Al Walid
staring: Susan Najm Eddine
Story of the life of the Islamic leader Khaled Bin El Walid.
playing on: MBC

Bab Al Hara
Story of a Syrian society in the year 1929.
playing on: MBC

An Al Awan
staring: Warda, Hassan Husni, Nashwa Mustafa, Khaled Selim.
playing on: SAMA DUBAI

Sikat Al Hilali
staring: Yahia Al Fakharani

Abdul Halim
staring: Shadi Shamel, winner of Alandalib man yakoon TV Show.
Story of the life of Egyptian legend Abdul Halim Hafez.
playing on: MBC

Nour Al Sebah
staring: Leila Alwi

Daawat Farah
staring: Samira Ahmad

Ahzan Myriam
staring: Mirvat Amin

Man Atlak Al Rasas Ala Hind Allam?
staring: Nadia Al Jundi

Souk Al Khudar
staring: Fifi Abdo

Aalb Al Donia
staring: Tayseer Fahmi

Which Series are you watching and why? Is it because you love the actors? Is it because of the Story? How many Series are you following?
Write your comments below and discuss information about those TV Series. This is the right place to post your comments on this topic.

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