Singles Night Lebanon

Singles Night Lebanon

Is Cupid out of Arrows? Despite the numerous dating spots for singles around Beirut, there seems to be more lonely hearts than ever before. Not for long!

S. World has teamed up with I-Bar Downtown to give us Singles Night Lebanon, an exciting event which will be held on 05 December at 22:30. Their dating extravaganza night will include blind dating, speed dating, date swinging, and a bunch of other original concepts brought in from all around the world to help you hook up in time before Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

So whether you are looking for a serious romance or a quick mindless flirt, their all-inclusive recipe will insure you won’t go back home alone this time around ;)

We wanted to learn more about this fun upcoming night, so we interviewed Myriam Elias one of the organizers of Singles Night and co-owner of the dating service S. World.

Hello Myriam and thank you for doing this interview.

Hello, well thank YOU for interviewing me :)

With this special Singles Night, you are offering an amusing alternative to the regular dating scene in Lebanon. Let’s see if we can break down the different elements that make up this exciting project. Usually the most intimidating part for singles is that awkward moment when they first have to walk up to a stranger. You have given participants a good excuse with the matching bracelets trick. Are the bracelets handed out randomly?

Yes, these bracelets are handed randomly at the entrance of the club. Like you said we're helping people with the first step to make it easier for the shy ones and more fun for the others at the same time.
And I think that the dating scene in Lebanon needs something to shake it up a bit especially with the mentality that the Lebanese have. We hope that they're not going to take it as an event for desperate singles because it's not!
It is made for singles who want to experience something new, have fun and maybe have the chance to meet new people just like them...

What if they don’t hit it off; will they be stuck with the given partners :)?

Well no, the numbers are handed just for the first dance. If someone did not like the partner they can change their number with someone else, and you should wait till the second slow dance to see if your partner liked you or not.
And during the night a cupid stand will be there from where people can send either drinks, roses, and flirting cards.
The whole night will be animated and the music will never stop...

Oh so you have a bit ‘systematized’ the flirting game with a Cupid Stand, cool:) How exactly does that work, and what other seduction accessories or love symbols will there be?

Well yeah like I said a person can send to someone he likes in the club a drink, a rose, or a flirting letter through cupid. This could be anonymous as well. But love symbols will be all around, we will also be offering cotillons with love symbols and other surprises...

You have previously organized speed-dating events, and this feature will also be included in Singles Night. Tell us a bit about that.

Yes, speed dating is very fun and people in Lebanon enjoy it a lot. On the 5th of December it's gonna be organized on 2 parts of the bar, where girls would be sitting, and boys would come and talk to them for 1min 30sec only, because they would have to pass to the other girls sitting at the bar and get to know them as well.

What if a group of friends is made out of singles and couples, can they all join the fun or is this exclusively for singles?

Well of course they can all join the party! We have brought red ribbon especially for the couples so they can keep the competitions away.

For those interested, how can one reserve a place at this Singles Night?

All they have to do is call the I bar for reservation on the 70 12 70 70. Tickets will be sold 2 days prior to the night of the event, through us the S.World, I bar, and Makitou Achrafieh as well... The tickets are for 25$ only +2drinks, or if they want to reserve a table each 5 will get a bottle.

We will surely be sending the singles we know your way. Thank you again and make sure you keep us updated on all your next projects.

For More info on this event you may call:
The S.World: 03 584 521 or 03 983 588
I Bar: 70 12 70 70

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