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Nathalie Fashion Show Blocks Bridge

Nathalie Fashion Show Blocks Bridge

After bringing the Playboy Playmates to Lebanon, Nathalie Fadlallah has now chosen to organize a fashion show right in the middle of the road!

A key bridge for circulation in Naccache (Dbayeh Area) was completely sealed off, to become a runway for Nathalie’s fashion show, causing hectic traffic jams. The cars got stuck and remained for hours paralyzed in a noisy chaos. The area was already famous for its traffic congestions, and this added an extra layer to the already critical situation.

We are the first to value such original concepts (and it would have been even better if the models were to actually walk in between cars!), but this is yet another flagrant example of how Lebanon remains a corrupted third world country that does not respect the basic rights of its citizens! With the right connections, anything is possible!

Nathalie was apparently inspired by similar projects in Europe, like the Pont Neuf of Paris. The organizers refused all criticism, and were very annoyed by the reaction of those who got stuck in traffic. After all they were doing them (and everyone else) a favor with this groundbreaking fashion show, and this should have been reason enough for them to be happy and accept their fate in silence!

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