Miss Lebanon 2011

Miss Lebanon 2011

The new Miss Lebanon for 2011-2012 is Yara Khoury Mikhael.
1st runner up was Carolina Nassar, 2nd runner up Sonia Lynn Gabriel and 3rd runner up Paloma Mady.

For rumors that preceded the pageant refer to Miss Lebanon Cheating Scandal.

The crown was handed over by Rahaf Abdallah last year's queen.

The ceremony was held in central Beirut, in the souks and was broadcast live on LBC on Sunday 10 July 2011. The jury was composed of Michel Habis, Dina Azar, Naji Boulos, Reem Akra, Guy Manoukian, Nada Riyad Salame, Rafik Ali Ahmad, Mona Fares, and Paolo Bongia.

The guest singer was Ragheb Alameh.

Other contestants were:
Alice Tawil
Reem El Khoury
Lama Sassine
Pamela Gemayel
Geva Eid
Murielle Harika
Pamela Jabbour
Marwa Saker
Marie Reine Hankash
Lucia Hourani
Pascale Hoteit
Ranine Matar

Miss Lebanon Pageant 2010-2011 took place on the 9th of July 2010, and was broadcasted simultaneously on LBC International and LBC Sat.

The previous year, Martine Andraos was crowned Miss Lebanon 2009-2010.

Ragheb Alameh and Haifa Wehbe will be the guest stars of this event of Miss Lebanon 2010/2011 and shall perform during the contest.

This glittering ceremony was presented on LBC by Tarek Munir, under the guidance of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

16 beautiful women from Lebanon were selected to compete for the title. The winner will carry the throne of beauty and represent Lebanon in major international beauty events. It is good to note that Rima Fakih, of Lebanese origin, was crowned as Miss USA 2010.

Jessica Kahawaty, one of the contestants for the year, was said to have the best chance in winning as she had already won previous titles such as Miss Lebanon Australia 2007 and was even nominated for the Most Sexy Arab Women 2010 contest.

Actually, the Organizers of the Miss Lebanon Pageant were shunned not long before that, after Miss USA Rima Fakih announced she had been previously denied the chance to compete in her native country for Miss Lebanon. The reason given: Rima is an expatriate and does not reside in Lebanon. She ended up representing Michigan and winning the American title! Could it be that the Miss Lebanon organizers have learnt their lesson, since Jessica Kahawaty is also an expatriate from Australia? It seems other candidates could also be expats...

The Sixteen Lebanese girls underwent tests and questions by a Jury Members of Miss Lebanon. This helped pick the finalists, and determine the top winners for the year.

A lot of secrecy surrounded the names of the candidates of Miss Lebanon Pageant.

The official list of candidates for Miss Lebanon 2010-2011:

1.Chantale Hayek
2.Christel Saroufim
3.Daniella bou Gharios
4.Jana Zein
5.Jessica Wardeh
6.Jessica Kahawaty
7.Michel le Sakr
8.Nabila Awad
9.Nathaly Acoury
10.Nicol Saba
11.Nur Mhanna
12.Priscilla Said
13.Rahaf Abdallah
14.Sandy Joudi
15.Stephanie Nohra
16.Vera Lefebvre

Read more about the Winners of Miss Lebanon 2010-2011 including the runners up and the top 10 candidates.

Also read about Rahaf Abdallah, winner of the Miss Lebanon 2010-2011 title.

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