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Lebanon Summer 2009 Events

Lebanon Summer 2009 Events

Lebanon Summer 2009 is one of the best times of the decade. Entertainment, fun, festivals, parties and celebrations taking place from July 2009 till end of summer. Get an inside look at what is going on in Lebanon from its north to south.

Lets start with the best and most powerful festivals of every year.

Baalbeck International Festival
Date: July - August 2009

Byblos international festival

Beirut International Film Festival
Date: 1 October 2009 - 31 October 2009

Batroun Summer Festival
Batroun vibrant atmosphere will start on Saturday 1st of August until Sunday 30th of August 2009. The festival will include Souk el Tayeb, Quicksilver Windsurfing, and Hip Hop dancers in addition to Botrys sailing race.

Al Bustan Festival

Tyre Festival

Deir El Qamar Festival
Al Foursan Al Arbaa will start the Summer Festival of Deir el Qamar on Friday 17th of July 2009
Charbel Rouhana will bring the festival to an end on Saturday 15th of August 2009.
telephone: +961 70 225007

Al Burjain Summer Festival 2009
The Summer Festivals – 2009 at Al Burjain town in the Chouf area will be held on the 7th , 8th, and 9th of next August. It will include folk dance, poetical and comic performances, in addition to the traditional rustic dinner.

Bikfaya Flowers Festival
The annual Flowers Festival will take place in Bikfaya – Metn in the last week of next August 2009. Activities involve arts and sports in their various fields and aspects, in addition to a marvellous show of cars and vehicules typically decorated with multicoloured flowers.

Niha Bekaa Festival
In cooperation with the Lebanese National Orchestra and the world famous musical band “Résonnance”, the Niha Festivals will be inaugurated on the 4th of next July 2009 . Lebanese Heritage parties and folk dances shall be performed in this occasion during the month of August.
A Marathon race will also be organized in September.

Healthy Bread Festival
Festivals of the Lebanese Healthy Bread (Markouk) will start in Ashrafieh – Beirut on the 25th of April 2009.
They will also include Lebanese folk dances (Dabkeh), along with heritage superb songs.
They aim at highlighting and reviving this national food industry based on pure wheat. The festivals will also take place during all the summer season in various cities, namely Byblos, Aley, Zahle and Jezzine.

The Garden Show and Spring Festival
Beirut Hippodrome, Lebanon
26 - 30 May , 2009

Brummana Summer Festivals 2009
Thursday 9 July
5:00 Official opening of the market place with the marching band. Open air food court. Street animations in Brummana. Official opening of the art stairs. Open air food court with Souk el Tayeb and local bands.
9:30 Free open air concert in the restaurant street area Abba Stars (Abba look alikes singing Abbas mega hits.)

Friday 10 July
5:00 Market place and art stairs. Street animations in Brummana open air food court with Souk el Tayeb and local bands.
9:30 Free open air karaoke contest with dolphins Karaoke in the restaurant street area.
Valuable prices

Saturday 11 July
5:00 Market place and art stairs. Street animations spread in Brummana. Open air food court with souk el Tayeb and local bands.
7:00 Marching band in the village
9:30 Free open air DJ night with “Radio One”.

Saturday 12 July
5:00 Market place and art stairs. Street animations spread in Brummana. Open air food court with Souk el Tayeb and local bands.
9:30 Closing with fireworks.

Hammana Comedy Festival
21 July 2009 -26 July 2009

Tuesday 21 July:
7:00 pm Ana Rejjel with Johnny el Hajj.
9:00 pm Funniest Lebanese humorist Samy Khayath

Wednesday 22 July:
7:00pm Mitlna Mitlak with Lucien Bourjeily Sabine Ojeil, Raouf Khalifa, Jean Paul Hage, Maya Sebaaly, Nazha Harb, Yusra Shaar, Tarek Annich, Shant Kabakian, Garen Darakjian, Ziad Najjar, Nayla Hajjar, Rossana Bou Absi, Youssef Khawaja, Alexandre Genadri, Charbel Naim, Raffi Feghali.
9:00 pm Amazingly funny French humorist Mash with his “one mash show”

Thursday 23 July:
7:00 pm Bombet Silicone a play by Abir Hamdar
9:00pm Comedy Night with Mario Bassil, Fady Raidy, Chadi Maroun, Patricia Dagher

Friday 24 July:
7:00 pm Nadine Malo, a french one-woman show

Saturday 25 July:
7:00 pm Funny show for the children “ Le voyage de Mme Hortense”
9:00pm The French Night with famous french humorists “Amine et Rachid” performing “Isnogood”.

Sunday 26 July:
7:00 pm Funny Magic show for the children with Gino the Magician

And every afternoon free street animations with clown parade, stilt walkers, comedy acts, exhibitors, music…
Tickets on sale at Virgin Megastore
Information 01612929 –

Khebez Al Markouk Nights
08/09/2009 / Aley - Ras el Jabal
08/20/2009 till 08/21/2009 / Beirut - Manara
09/12/2009 till 09/13/2009 / Rawcheh
09/4/2009 / Keserwan - Faraya
10/3/2009 / Sidon

Kaa Festivals
08/14/2009 till 08/15/2009 / Kaa Village

Back to Roots Festivals Baskinta
07/30/2009 till 08/02/2009

Aramoun First Artistic and literal Festival
07/31/2009 till 08/04/2009

Miss Lebanon Abroad Elections
08/26/2009 / Casino du Liban

Deir El Ahmar Festivals
08/14/2009 till 08/16/2009 / Deir el Ahmar Village

Douma National Festivals
08/01/2009 till 08/30/2009 / Douma Village

Special Thanks and credit goes to the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

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