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LBC is on a tight budget

LBC is on a tight budget

Because of all the high production costs, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC has been lately incurring on their successive or shall we say excessive number of reality shows, they have recently adopted a new policy to restrict avoidable and inappropriate expenses. In other words, they are on a tight budget!

One of their new strategies is to recycle. No, not that type of recycling!

They are not really that concerned about the environment. We are talking about their strategy to reuse the participants over and over again, and milk them till the last drop before they let them loose.

Actually, aside from the expensive sets and props, LBC also has to cover all the living expenses of their Arab participants and of course their trips to and from Beirut. So don't be surprised if you see the same Egyptian guy participating in (Maa Houby) one day, and in (Deal or no Deal) the next.

While this might solve their financial dilemma, we are not sure it really helps the quality of their programs.

What do you think?

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