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Hidden Meanings in songs

Hidden Meanings in songs

Melody hits has been broadcasting a nice dance song called Leche Leche (or Why Why in English) by sexy Algerian singer Manel Filali featuring Don Cali. Little do they know they have been sponsoring a very sexually evocative song without their knowledge!

Melodyhits has been known to blur the tiny wiener in the Crazy Frog videos. This is what makes us believe they ignore the fact we are going to share with you right now.

Remember where you heard it first!! This song actually has many hidden meanings. Notice the spelling! Leche Leche, and not Leich Leich, Leych Leysh or even Lesh Lesh, given that the song is in English and ch is pronounced tsh therefore in English it would read Letch Letch and that’s not what Manel is singing.

The reason for this is actually a very thrilling, sneaky and crafty one. To understand this you have to know the Diglossia of Maghrebi Arabic or Darija that is widely spoken in the Maghreb, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

It regularly mixes French and Arabic. Leche leche ana ana is actually Lèche lèche ana ana (with the accent), and means lick me lick me. Do we have to specify where?! Now watch the video, but this time knowing this little detail we have shared with you and tell us what you think. Next try to count the number of times she says it hehe ...Enjoy!

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