Future SuperStar 4 launching

Future SuperStar 4 launching

Future SuperStar season four will be telecasted on the 14th of January.

The contestants come from 12 different countries after a lot of tests made in several countries including the states and Canada.

The judges will be Elias El Rahbani, Ziad Boutros, Fadia Tonb and Abdallah El Qaoud.

The presenter will be Ayman Qayssouni who will present and support more than 20 episodes until the winner of the title is announced.

Since April 10 2006, the following audition cities were revealed:
The auditions however have been indefinitely postponed due to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

Auditions for Future SuperStar season four took place in:

Beirut, Lebanon
Cairo, Egypt
Amman, Jordan
Tunis, Tunisia
Marrakech, Morocco
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Manama, Bahrain
Montréal, Canada
Los Angeles, USA
Detroit, USA
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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