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Exclusive Paparazzi Photos

Exclusive Paparazzi Photos

Exclusive paparazzi photos of Pascale Meshalany!

For all the voyeurists out there with a crave for celebrity gossip and photos, set your eyes on these exclusive paparazzi celebrity snapshots! Ok they are not all really paparazzi; it’s not in our nature to invade the privacy of celebrities :) We politely asked Pascale for a photo and she agreed...

One of our staff members was sipping his mocha at Starbucks (ehem ehem, Starbucks?!? Someone ‘s got some explaining to do!) at Le Geant Mall. He was in the middle of a thrilling conversation with one of his Lebanese friends living in Canada. Apparently, this poor guy was treated as a criminal during a short visit to the USA (oh how original), and after he was thoroughly interrogated, was asked to cross the borders back into Canada on foot. With the risk of being shut down by border patrols, we might add! This is apparently a new policy the American Administration has established for Arabs who are still systematically suspected of being terrorists. Regular procedures, ya3neh...Where were we...

Oh yeah, back to our Pascale Meshalany story: So suddenly he notices a tall woman in her late 40ies (he’s not that good with age, so give and take a few years) with a striking resemblance to the Lebanese singer Pascale Meshalany. Then a few minutes later, what do you know, Pascale in the flesh comes and sits next to this woman! He tried taking a photo with his cellular phone, but they were sitting sideways so the result was unsatisfactory. So he approached Pascale and asked her for a photo.

She accepted right away. Pascale was wearing a short blue summer dress and had cool retro looking shades hiding her eyes (which she kept on indoors like a true celebrity). The two dark gulf men (most probably Kuwaitis) sitting a few tables away, noticed all the commotion and decided to do the same. Another much older woman later joined Pascale’s table, so we are guessing this could have been Pascale, her mother and grandmother in a family outing ;)

Our staff member returned to his chat with the Lebanese Canadian friend, who continued with the spicy details of his misadventures with the American customs, but that’s for another article...

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