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The Best Nightclub in the world

The Best Nightclub in the world

According to a global recent survey done by the worlds best bars website for the year 2008-2009, the survey showed that the best bar or nightclub in the world is acually in beirut, the capital city of lebanon. The name of the nightclub is Sky Bar or skybar, or Sky-bar.

The other best nightclubs who came second in the list was RIVA located in berlin, the german capital city.
Also the top third bar in the world is located in berlin and its called, Saphire Bar.

Other Best nightclubs which came in the rest of the top 20 list include:
T-O 12 in Stuttgart city
Jade on 36 in Shanghai city
Purdy Lounge in Miami city
Vertigo in Bangkok city
King Cole Bar in New York city
Der Raum in Melbourne city
LAN in Beijing city
Raoul's in Oxford city
Velvet Lounge in Shanghai city
Sandinista in Leeds city
The Glamour Bar in Shanghai city
Boudoir in Dubai city
Socio Rehab in Manchester city
Les Caves Du Roy in St Tropez city
George V Hotel Bar in Paris city
A Future Perfect in Shanghai city
Nobilis in Oslo city

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