Batroun Festival 2010

Batroun Festival 2010

The Batroun Festival is now officially on the list of International music festivals, and is finally in the same league as the other well established Baalbeck, Byblos, and Beiteddine Festivals!

Yet, The Batroun International Festival was smart enough to create its own unique concept with a very original approach to the essence of what a festival is supposed to be. Not only will Batroun host esteemed music performances, but will also be providing its visitors with free touristic tours, as well as exhibitions, workshops and seminars. The stage will be seated right on the shore next to the famous Phoenician wall, nestled between the charming old city landscape on one side and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the background. Batroun is also an ancient port city with intriguing legends! Read about the real mermaid discovered on Batroun's shore.

Below is the detailed program for the year 2010:

Leisure Sundays
July 18/25 - August 1/8
A free tour to see the Batroun historical sites. It starts at 9 o’clock
with a morning coffee.Young guides will assist people to visit
batroun touristic sites. Everything will be free of charge.
(coffee, tour on bikes, a ride on a typical horse carriage,
boat trips, lemonade...)

By converted architects and photographers
August 7 | Phoenician Wall Area
A story about the continuous environmental transformation, the
counter movement to the invading trend and the Lebanese authentic
identity will be told through a composition of photography
and music. It will be followed by a story night celebration of Nature’s
generosity with visual animation by talented VJs along the
Phoenician wall at 8:47pm

by SUKHISHVILI The World’s Greatest Dancers
July 15/16 at 20:30 | Phoenician Wall Area
The National Dance Company SUKHISHVILI is one of the world’s
greatest choreographic groups. The company was founded in
Tbilisi in 1945 by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili, in an effort
to introduce to the new generations the ancient Georgian popular
dances, re-suggest those forgotten and create new choreographies.
Georgia’s SUKHISHVILI has appeared at the Royal Albert
Hall, The Coliseum, The Metropolitan Opera, Madison Square,
and dozens of famous venues including Milan’s La Scala, where
the curtain was lifted 14 times: a record!

With Pamelia Kurstin and her theremin
accompanied by Pete Drungle and his piano
July 17 at 20:30 | Phoenician Wall Area
Visionary electronics pioneer Bob Moog called Pamelia, “one of
the most important innovators of the theremin living today,” and
her unique talent has been captured both on recordings and in
live performances by a wide spectrum of outstanding artists, including
Yoko Ono, John Zorn, and Sebastien Tellier.
“Theremin-Orchestra” is the name Pamelia gives her solo performances.
These pieces are complex improvisations using live
loops in which she builds, and slowly transforms, multiple layers
of harmonies.

Haifa & Bassem
July 22 at 20:30 | Phoenician Wall Area
If she is to be described in one word, Haifa Wehbe has quickly
risen to be an “Icon”. At the age of 16, Haifa won the title of Miss
South Lebanon, then went on to win the “first runner up” title at
the Miss Lebanon pageant. In the year 2000, Haifa stepped into
the singing scene and rereleased her first album “Houwa el Zaman”
in 2002. The rising star took the Arab world by storm and
her fame reached beyond the Middle Eastern borders.
Haifa Wehbe has deserved several prestigious awards during her
musical career. Wehbe was ranked 49th in the 2006 Edition of the
Top 99 Most Desirable Women by the website

Mekanik Kantatik - Daedelus
Zeid and The Wings - Tango Remote Control
July 30 at 20:30 | Phoenician Wall Area
Zeid and The Wings (Leb), Tango Remote Control (Leb), Mekanik
Kantatik (Fr) and Daedelus (USA) will Take Batroun on a sound
journey shifting between smooth tunes, live improvisations and
interesting visual performances on July 30 in the historical phoenician
wall area.

July 31 at 20:30 | Phoenician Wall Area
Ragheb Alama is a Lebanese singer and composer. Born and
raised in Beirut, Alama has a career spanning over 25 years.
He was awarded the Murex D’or award as the best Arab singer
and he won the platinum CD award as the “Best Selling Middle
Eastern Artist” two times in 1992 and 2009.
His rise to fame started in 1982.
The “Super Star” has lived up to his title ever since he rose to the
musical scene, turning every released single to a hit and every
performance to a memorable musical experience and continues
to enrich the Arabic library with an exceptional repertoire

Open Air Party
August 6 at 20:30 | Batroun Main Street
The Batroun Open Air Party has become a landmark in Lebanon’s clubbing scene.
It is the one night where all famous clubs in Batroun bring out their nightlife to the main street, for all clubbers
to enjoy a once in a year partying experience under one open sky.

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