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Best Male Belly Dancers

Best Male Belly Dancers

Here is a list of some of the most famous Arab male belly dancers from around the Middle East and the best male bellydancers from the rest of the world.

Illian Riviere (France)

Tito belly dancer (Egypt)

Mosbah Baalbaki (Lebanon)

Sultan belly dancer (France)

Miro belly dancer (Egypt)

Zaza Hassan (Egypt)

Ibrahim Akef (Egypt)

Dr Mo Geddawi (Egypt)

Mahmoud Reda (Egypt)

Khaled Mahmoud (UK)

Jim Boz (USA)

Amir Thaleb (Argentina)

Ahmet Ogren (Turkey)

Mohamed El Hosseny (Finland)

Horacio Cifuentes (Germany)

Ozgen (UK)

Shafeek Ibrahim (UK)

Zack (USA)

Asi Haskal (occupied Palestine)

Please help us complete the list my suggesting more names in the comments section below.

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