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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Lebanon

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Lebanon

Do you have unwanted body hair you struggle to rid yourself of? The summer is here, and the highest temperatures in Lebanese history (reaching 49 degrees in the Beqaa!) can attest to that. It’s time to pick out a nice bikini and head to the beach (Refer to Swimwear Fashion Trends) … Oh wait, aren’t you forgetting something? More and more people are concerned with the way they look, and an essential part is a smooth hair free skin. A nicely toned body is also a must, but that’s for another article...

Since ancient times, people have always been looking for better ways to get rid of their unwanted body hair, starting with weird cocktails of bat's blood, or epilatory lotions made with cinnamon herb powder mixed with ant eggs and black Papaver… Shaving and waxing could be a quick fix, but permanent laser hair removal treatments seem to be the preferred choice nowadays. A woman obviously looks more feminine with bare armpits and a smooth pair of legs. Mediterranean men are usually hairier than their Nordic European neighbors, and are also adopting the shaved look. Like Roman and Greek gladiators, the modern man is grooming and trimming the excess hair on his chest, shoulders and back…otherwise known as ‘manscaping’!
With a permanent laser hair removal solution, you can say bye-bye to all that unwanted hair and avoid wasting another minute waxing before you go on a date or hit the beach.

Fanoos interviewed Audrey Saliba the General Manager of Dermacorps, one of the leading laser hair removal centers in Lebanon, to find out more about the hair-free trend and the latest technologies in Lasers.

Hello Audrey and thanks for having us.

My pleasure.

Can you tell us a bit about the center and the sort of services you provide?

Dermacorps is owned by Dr. Rodrigue Rizk, a dermatologist venereologist and phlebologist (CES) specialized at the University of Bordeaux- France. We are a dermato-aesthetic center, which means we provide an array of services including Diode Laser depilation (F.D.A. approved) for permanent hair reduction, Oxygenotherapy (ECHO2 Plus) to delay wrinkles and treat acne, Mesotherapy (Mesolift)to treat cellulite and tighten the skin, Micro-Dermabrasion, in addition to BOTOX, Filling and Peeling etc…

What are the latest technologies in the field of lasers currently being used in the Beauty Industry?

We recently introduced a new machine the Total Skin Regeneration MOSAIC, the latest in fractional resurfacing. It alters the structures below the surface of the skin for collagen and elastin regeneration. It delivers thousands of microscopic laser beams with minimal pain, to rejuvenate the skin, and treat scars, large pores, lesions or uneven skin tones.

Tell us more about the permanent hair removal diode laser. Does it really work and how soon can we expect to see results?

We use the LightSheer Diode Laser. It works on all skin colors, even after a sun tan. Patients usually notice a difference right after their first session! The treated area stays smooth for around 2 months, after which new hairs gradually start to grow. They are generally much thinner and more scattered. With each additional session, the area becomes smoother. Because of the 3 phases of hair growth (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen), we need to repeat the process to insure all the hair follicles in their active growth phase have been hit by the laser beam at least once. Generally, darker coarse hairs get faster results than the light thin ones. This can be applied to all parts of the body, like for facial hair removal, legs, armpits, or even the bikini area…

So who is your clientele? What age groups mostly visit your clinic?

We have customers of all ages really. Sometimes even mothers come with their daughters for a double laser session. Many girls at puberty suffer from a light moustache above the lips. An early treatment will avoid any psychological traumas from having to deal with their adolescent peers. They are usually very susceptible at that age you know. We also have clients from all around the Arab world, such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Syria, KSA, etc…

We know that women are typically the clients of such services, but what about the men?

Actually the taboo of men being too attentive to the way they look is long gone. At first they were a minority of course, but today they constitute 40% of our clients! Some come by themselves, but others are often encouraged by their wives or girlfriends. The neck area is the first to be treated, because of the friction with the shirt and tie that causes irritation of the skin. They also usually do the cheeks. Some men also do their backs, shoulders, and arms. Bodybuilders and athletes do their full bodies. I forgot to tell you that many Lebanese expatriates from Australia, Canada and the USA also visit us while on their holydays here in Lebanon, because we offer an international standard for much less than what they would have to pay in those countries... Especially men who want a full body treatment, which would otherwise cost them a fortune!

which brings us to the money issue. What sort of budget are we talking about here?

Don’t worry, our prices are very accessible. Naturally it depends on the size of the area being treated, but it is quite affordable given the results and the quality of our service. Our clients also feel at home here, we treat them as friends. They are our best publicity; we receive most of our new clients through word of mouth. For best results, we also maintain our equipment regularly. We have a monthly full service check, and we constantly renew our machines, always acquiring the latest on the market.

So do you have any VIP clients?

Yeah sure, we have singers, actors, politicians…. even foreign diplomats. Being under the spotlights means you have to be always in your top shape. They might be famous, but they are still people like you and me.

Anyone we know?

You mean you want me to give you names?! Absolutely not! We work under complete confidentiality here and we cannot divulge such sensitive information, sorry. We don’t even take before after pictures, for that same reason. That Nancy Ajram episode would have never happened in an institution like ours (Refer to Nancy Laser Hair Removal Video)! We are very careful about such things, and we do our best to insure the privacy of our clients.

To wrap up this interview, what recommendations would you give our readers on how to choose a proper laser hair removal center?

Most importantly, always make sure it’s under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist, because many unqualified personnel in beauty shops are given this delicate task to do. Laser is very safe in the hands of a professional, but can be harmful and leave undesired side effects if used by an amateur. Make sure it’s a Diode Laser, because they have proven their effectiveness. Usually, the safest way is to follow the advice of a previously treated patient that has seen satisfactory results.

Thank you for all the information

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our services!

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Note: Dermacorps has 3 branches Zouk Highway (Vega Center), Tripoli, and soon in Zgharta.
Tel: 09-215550 or 03-718372

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