Sexy Arab Women 2010

Sexy Arab Women 2010

Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010: Yes, Size matters! Top 10 is for amateurs, and Top 100 is the only way we can conceive it!

Feast your eyes on the Top 100 Sexiest & Most Desirable Arab Women for 2010. We have gathered for you the most breathtaking Arabian beauties, who have competed this year in the largest online live poll ever in the Arab World! We asked the online community to help us rank them, favoring well rounded Arab women that combine sexual appeal, beauty, charm, charisma, sophistication, a sense of style, intelligence, ambition... and that extra special oomph that made them simply irresistible! In other words, women that the modern day Arab man dreams of dating, and that young girls look up to as role models!

Message from The Fanoos Team:

Before we announce the top winner, we would like to thank all of these 100 gorgeous Arab girls for being in our lives! They bring joy to a part of the globe that always seems to be in endless mourning. We would also like to thank all the fans from all over the World, who took the time to vote and support their favorite Sexy Arab Women. Follow the link to continue reading our message, and to learn all about the Making-of and the behind the scenes gossip of the Biggest Online Poll Survey in the Arab World.

The results and ranks are solely technical, based on votes we deemed were at least 98% legitimate. In no way do they reflect the real value of the candidates or how we feel towards them. For that, you will have to read our comments!

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ALL these beautiful girls are ALREADY winners. Otherwise we would not have placed them on this list in the first place! The final ranking is just for ENTERTAINMENT (something some people are just not used to anymore apparently)!

Without further ado . . . Drums please . . ..........................................

Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010 (Ranks 01-10)

Sexy Haifa Wehbeh

1- Hayfa Wehbe

The sexy Hayfa Wehbeh is still the most desired woman in the Arab World! Many hot vixens have fiercely attempted to dethrone her, but to no avail!

Mabrouk Haifa, you are officially the Sexiest Arab Woman for 2010.

Why we Like her:

Her positive attitude, and of course her 'in your face' hotness!
History in the Arab World has indeed split into two periods: Before Haifa, and After Haifa! Some of her fans literally worship the grounds she walks that's what we call extreme love ;) It would be such a waste if Haifa ended her career without at least once starring as a Bond Girl... maybe next to Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox? Now that's a movie we would love to see!

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Sexy LaraScandar

2- Lara Scandar

Why we Like her:

Lara is hip, Lara is modern and Lara is fresh! This cool new girl on the block represents the latest generation of Arabic pop singers, that not only look good but that can actually sing! She is also one of the rare Arab singers (males and females alike) to pull off an international track in English...and she also looks hot while doing it! After the success of Mission Is You, we are impatiently awaiting her next move...
We are expecting wonders from this sexy rising star.If she doesn't become the next best thing on the international scene soon, we would have lost our bet. Good luck Lara, and please do not let us down!

Lara has been declared Sexiest Arab Starlet 2010!

(Warmest regards to her fans with whom we had a little misunderstanding. You made this possible guys, we thank you for your passion and determination! Unlike some other fan groups, your experience with us is relatively new. Hopefully you will understand that we are just trying to do our job.)

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Sexy Sofia Marikh

3- Sofia El Marikh

Why we like her:

Her duality!

This charming Moroccan Beauty is both sweet and sexy at the same time. Don't ask us how she does it!

Sofia will always remain the most beautiful woman we have ever seen on a TV reality show! Since then, she has become a prominent pop star celebrity and continues to progress in her successful career.

Sexy MyriamClink

4- Myriam Clink

Why we like her:

Every man's dream date, Myriam puts SUPER in supermodel! When Miss Pink walks by, everyone around becomes hypnotized by her magnetic sensuality. On the catwalk, the beautiful Myriam is simply dynamite; this top model can make any piece of rag look like a trendy haute couture designer outfit that everyone would want to buy!

Myriam has been declared Sexiest Arab Top Model !

Sexy Nancy-Ajram

5-Nancy Ajram

Why we like her:

She made us 'consider' drinking Coca Cola again, and that's a biggie right there!

Always renewing herself and reinventing her image, there is actually a Nancy for every taste and age group! Which do you prefer, the cute teenage girl or the mature sexy woman?

Take your Nancy gallabiyas out of the closet girls! After the long teenage retro spree, it seems we are finally getting our old sexy version back!

Sexy Amelia-Zidane

6-Amelia Zidane

Why we like her:

Her magical hips don't lie, and she puts Shakira to shame! L'Orientale Fatale is no doubt the most enchanting belly dancer we have ever seen. For our greatest pleasure, she resuscitates the charming tales of the 1001 Nights. You should see her dance with an Albino Python, simply exhilarating!

Experts in the field believe Amelia could be THE Best Belly Dancer in the World at the moment!

If you want a real taste of belly dancing, make sure you go check her out the next time she performs in your town.

Amelia has been declared Sexiest Oriental Belly Dancer !

Sexy CyrineAbdelNour

7-Cyrine Abdel Nour

Why we like her:

Natural Mediterranean beauty like they don't produce anymore!

Cyrine seems like she was taken right out of an Italian movie from the 50s.

From modeling, to singing, to seems there isn't anything she is not good at!



Why we like her:

A real woman with a full body!

Unlike those skinny models you see on magazine covers, Elissa is a modern day fertility goddess full of life giving energy.

What man wouldn't also love to hear her soft voice as she sings one of her romantic lullabies just for him!?

Sexy Anabella-Hilal

9-Anabella Hilal

Why we like her:

This Lebanese version of Lynda Carter also has her very own magic lasso belt with the power to force those ensnared by it to tell the truth; her beautiful eyes! (see Anabella stars as Wonder Woman)

Whether Anabella was really casted for the role of Wonder Woman or not, she will always remain our real life Amazon princess comic heroine!

Mabrouk Anabella for the lovely Mayeva! May your beautiful family be only blessed with happy and fruitful days ahead.

Sexy Myriam-Fares

10-Myriam Fares

Why we like her:

'Beyonce Knowles meets Shakira'!

Myriam is a crossbreed between a Japanese Manga heroine and a sexy barbarian queen.

She even made Yehya Saade lose his focus!!!

Beyonce, watch out girl ;)

Photo Credits:

If you are the owner of any of the photographs above, please contact us to add your name and credit your work next to the photo.

(Ranks 11 - 26)

11-Dima Sadek: As if it wasn't enough that this woman is a highly professional and objective political talk show host, she also had to be this pretty! How then can we not get hooked watching TV!? Plus no woman looks hotter in a Keffieh!

12-Sandy Singer: The latest sensation from The Land Of The Pharaohs, Sandy is the very first Arab singer to appear topless in a music video! She also managed to make it look classy.

Call her what you want, the Egyptian Maria or the updated version of Ruby... still she has managed to make a definite mark on the pop scene. Her tunes are also very catchy and make you want to get up and dance right away...

13-Rosy Daou: If you are more into the aggressive look, then Rosy is your girl. Ms. Daou has made quite an impression with her captivating beauty, while on Jaras TV. Arabs evidently still like the strong dark Arabian features portrayed by Haifa. (Rosy has taken it a step further though). Her luscious lips and voluptuous body have certainly charmed many. Rosy is a clear validation of our top winner's merit in the title! We would like to wish her the best of luck.

14-Mona Abou Hamzeh: Her grace and simplicity, not to mention her angelic breathtaking face! And she is smart and well-spoken too, what else can one ask for!?

15-Amar singer: ... And god created Amar! This pretty singer is very playful in her videos, and always seems to exhume a certain joie de vivre. We still cannot get the Hamam scenes from El Ataba Kazaz out of our heads! Apart from her beauty of course, we like her ambitious character; despite her difficult childhood, Amar was determined to succeed...and she has!

16-Nawal El Zoghby: Nawal is like expensive red wine that only becomes even more valuable as it matures. Not only is she more beautiful than ever, she has also gained in self confidence, independence, and sincerity... making her even more appealing! We are completely in love with her... and are forever marked with nostalgia by her golden days when there was no real Star in the Arab world other than Nawal! Not Nancy, not Haifa, nor anyone else for that matter. No one has that affect on us! Maybe it's because she marked our generation...but whatever it is, We Will Always Love You Nawal! If we are not mistaken, we believe her sons are Canadians ;) But that doesn't mean we won't criticize your work in future reviews lol.

17-Shakira: What can we say about this Lebano-Colombian bomba latina! She might have made Wyclef want to speak Spanish, but she definitely made the whole world want to learn belly dancing! Brunette, redheaded, or blond...on a table, in a cage, or on a bed, we like her no matter what she does!

18-Myriam Benzerga: Her subtle beauty; Benzerga looks like a regular woman, the kind you would take out for coffee and then end up spending the rest of your life with! Her flexible look is a great asset for modeling. She can pass for a Brazilian, an Italian, a North African or even a Lebanese girl!

19-Melissa: No one looks better in micro shorts, and we can’t seem to get enough of her duos! Who will it be next, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin or Justin Timberlake?

20- Lamitta Franjieh: Her fans call her the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and we find it hard to disagree!

21-Rola Saad: Her bad girl behavior, and of course her constant cat fights with Haifa! Rola is 'Victoria's Secrets Model' hot. She adds spice and excitement to the pop scene, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Although cat claws would have been a better choice for her, the sarcastic femme fatale actually used a butterfly as her logo. Now that's the type of humor that renders Rola simply irresistible to us! We love you Rola!

22-Dominique Hourani: We are not really adherents of her style of music, but Dominique really looks good and there is no way around it! In some of her photos we got her confused with the American star Liv Tyler! She might even be more beautiful!

23-Nancy Afiouni: If only real dentists looked this hot! Nancy has the best pair of legs in the industry; so much so, that they have their very own Facebook group! We are serious go and check if you don't believe us! Afiouny also has a great personality and fun character, observable in her numerous TV appearances.

24-Jessica Kahawaty: We wanted her for our queen and hoped she would win the Miss Lebanon 2010 title... Need we say more? (Refer to Rahaf Abdallah) It's no wonder she is the face of Maybelline Cosmetics in both Asia and India. We don't think they could have found any better! Good luck Jessica!

25-Yasmine Hamdan: She has completely enthralled us with her fit body, her provocative lyrics, and her deep sensual voice. By far the coolest Arab woman we have ever seen, Yasmine was for a long while the hidden treasure of Beirut's underground music scene. We are pleased now to share her with the rest of the world, thanks to her international album Arabology. We are not sure the Arabs will make it into Space that soon... but if they ever do, Yasmine will surely be our best (and hottest!) ambassador to the stars!

Don't Miss our exclusive interview with her under: Best Arabic Electronic Music

We intended to stop at 25, but one more won't hurt! Especially since she gave a good fight...

26-Gabrielle Bou Rached: Like most Miss Lebanon winners, Gabrielle did not receive unanimous support from the start. But after playing Yasmin in the award winning movie Falafel, her famous waa3it el margarita became a legendary one-liner! Suddenly she looked more beautiful, as if we were discovering her for the first time! We hope to see her soon in another great movie. Good luck Gabi.

(Ranks 27 - 100)

27 Rouby

28 Carole Samaha

29 Jihane El Masry

30 Nicole Saba

31 Amina Al Alam

32 Booby Julia

33 Brigitte Yaghi

34 Arwa singer

35 Madeleine Matar

36 Rima Fakih

37 Elisar Abou Mrad

38 Maria Elaab

39 Salma Hayek

40 Karina Eid

41 Dana Halabi

42 Nadine Njeim

43 Maya Nasri

44 Yara singer

45 Wafaa Kilani

46 Imane El Bani

47 Pamela El Kik

48 Steffi Faysal

49 Amina Kaddur

50 May Hariri

51 Karima Adebibe

52 Rida Boutros

53 Dina Azar

54 Razan Moghrabi

55 Nadine Aghnatios

56 Mayssam Nahas

57 Kenza Idrissi

58 Marielle Beainy Tanios

59 Nisrine Zreik

60 Nadine Labaki

61 Maya Diab

62 Rima Sleiman Frangieh

63 Rosarita Tawil

64 Joelle Behlock

65 Hoda Fadel

66 Yamila Diaz Rahi

67 Nadine Al Rassi

68 Martine Andraos Miss Lebanon 2009

69 Nelly Makdessi

70 Mirva Kadi

71 Clemence Achkar

72 Strida Geagea

73 Reine Sabty

74 Manel Filali

75 Nivine Nasr

76 Raghida Chalhoub

77 Joumana Bou Eid

78 Jenna Dewan

79 Ehsan Hatem

80 Lea Tohme

81 Zahia Dehar

82 Rania Sabeh

83 Norma Naoum

84 Nancy Yassine

85 Waed

86 Leila Bekhti

87 Loujain Adada

88 Ward El Khal

89 Dalida Chammai

90 Yasmine Bleeth

91 Sally Njeim

92 Afef Jnifen

93 Bruna Abdullah

94 Rabia Zayat

95 Michaella Stephan

96 Nourhanne

97 Nadine Fallah

98 Nawel Madani

99 Karen El Khazen

100 Amanda Fattal (disqualified)

Congratulations to all the winners and to their supporters.Good luck everyone!

Till our next survey,

The Team

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