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Julia Boutros Live at Casino du Liban CD and DVD

Julia Boutros Live at Casino du Liban CD and DVD

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Julia Boutros launched her new 2010 compilation album Live at Casino du Liban CD and DVD at Virgin Megastore Beirut.

Julia recently launched her new DVD and CD entitled "Julia Live at Casino du Liban". The signing was held at Virgin Megastore Beirut on the 10th of July. It is actually a greatest hits compilation, along with an edited live performance show she had done at Casino du Liban back in 2008. Julia was at a similar event in the Emirates (Virgin Megastore, Mall of the Emirates) back in June the 16th, where she also signed the album to all her fans in Dubai. The new CD is now available in all Virgin megastores around the Arab World.

The signing ceremony was attended by a large number of fans and in the presence Harut Vasilian commander band, and pianist Michel Fadel, who distributed the songs, in addition to poet Rafiq Rouhana, and composer Ziad Boutros who composed all the songs, and Fadi Al Raii writer of the song 3ala ma Yabdo (apparently), her husband and her two sons, in addition to her sister, director, Sophie Boutros.

Julia emphasized that her absence for two years is not new, and is justified since she takes her time to produce works of high quality.

It took a long time for the preparation of this new work, producing it in a professional manner worthy of its public. The process of editing, mixing and music arrangement took a long time to produce the high quality which was recorded from a live concert on stage to a studio-like ambiance.

Julia will be in concerts in November in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and a number of Arab countries. Stay tuned to the concert dates by Joining JuliaBoutros Group on facebook or by following JuliaBoutros on Twitter.

For all of Julia Fans, make sure you keep listening to her old and new songs in the 24 hr live JuliaBoutros Music Radio on

Have an instant flash back to one of Julia’s most memorable live performances: Julia live in concert at Forum de Beirut.

Watch this video for the song Ala Ma Yabdo, or enjoy all her videos by checking JuliaBoutros Videos.

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